Social Work Practice Fellows – Session 5: Supervision to advance knowledge of health challenges impacting individuals and families across the life course

Feb 09, 2024 9:00 am 4:00 pm
The Warehouse,
350 W. Fayette Street Syracuse, NY 13202

A Professional Development Program for Social Work Supervisors of Direct Practice across the Life Course

Social Work Practice Fellows (SWPF) is a premier tuition-based professional development program for MSW supervisors from community-based agencies. The educational model, which has been proven effective, calls for face-to-face interactive workshops taught by academic and practice-based experts utilizing brief didactic presentations, group learning activities, discussions of cases and supervision experiences, and the provision of extensive educational materials. SWPF is delivered by the continuing education departments of participating schools of social work and its workshops are led by expert social work practitioners and faculty scholars.

Cohorts of 20-25 MSW supervisors convene for scheduled learning sessions to receive 36 hours of training on supervisory best practices and are awarded 36 continuing education units to apply toward their state licensure for practice. SWPF also facilitates the creation of much-needed peer support for participating supervisors who are known to experience professional isolation and to benefit from peer networking. SWPF is offered in multiple communities and each new cohort of graduates will join a growing professional network of alumni with whom they can connect for mutual support.

The curriculum will be covered through 6 convenient learning sessions of 6 hours apiece, one session per month. Completion of all 6 sessions is required for earning the SWPF certificate and CE contact hours. the cost is $800.00 for all six sessions. Learn about all the sessions.

The session 5, Supervision to advance knowledge of health challenges impacting individuals and families across the life course, workshop helps supervisors to support social service staff in using evidence-informed approaches to common illness-related challenges that confront individuals and families across the life course. Included are supervisory considerations for supporting social service workers in helping clients with care transitions, acute health crises, management of chronic conditions, navigating health and long-term care systems, and the intersections of these issues with cultural diversity. Supervisors explore techniques for supporting teams in service planning, health education, and health advocacy.

Session 5 Date, Time, Location

Date: February 9, 2024
Time: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
The Warehouse, 350 W. Fayette Street
Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 13202
Parking is free

Learning Objectives (Supervisory Best Practices):

  1. Review with supervisees the common illness-related challenges that confront individuals and families across the life course (including care transitions, acute health crises, and navigating health and long-term care service systems)
  2. Support supervisees in the ongoing assessment of client health and illness, especially for clients with heightened vulnerability due to late-life frailty, neurological disorders, and co-occurring chronic conditions
  3. Encourage and partner with supervisees to seek contemporary literature to better understand the health challenges confronted by clients and their families (including chronic conditions, developmental disabilities, and acquired disabilities)
  4. Assist supervisees in assessing and planning to meet the health needs of their clients through client interviews, reviews of available client data, and the introduction of acceptable new measures
  5. Help supervisees to prepare for providing culturally-informed health education to clients and their families
  6. Support supervisees in empowering and joining with clients in health advocacy

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    $800.00 for all six sessions
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Parking is free