SUNY Morrisville-SU Articulation Agreement

This articulation agreement is developed as a tool for advisement to assist in the transferability of comparable coursework from SUNY Morrisville to parallel programs of study at Syracuse University.


Syracuse University enters into this agreement with the following objectives:

  1. To attract qualified community college students into Syracuse University.
  2. To facilitate an efficient and smooth transition into Syracuse University from SUNY Morrisville programs.
  3. To provide a path of coursework at SUNY Morrisville that is applicable to programs of study at Syracuse University.
  4. To encourage academic coordination, faculty and administrative interactions, and student engagement.

Terms of Agreement

The establishment of this agreement, the two academic institutions agree to the following terms:

  1. SUNY Morrisville agrees to designate faculty and academic/transfer advisors to facilitate the advisement for students interested in transferring to Syracuse University.
  2. Syracuse University agrees to accept the attached list of coursework into the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition program; provided achievement be no less than a grade of C or better and an overall GP A of 3. 0 or higher. The maximum number of transferable credit is 66 credit hours.
  3. Syracuse University agrees to accept qualified candidates who meet admissions standards of the desired program of study at the time of admission. Admission to SU is contingent upon a continued record of good citizenship and character, as well as space availability in the desired program of study. Admissibility into the program of study to be determined by the Undergraduate Admissions Office.
  4. The agreement will be subject to annual review by both SUNY Morrisville and Syracuse University, or in the event there are changes to the curriculum at either institution.
  5. SUNY Morrisville and Syracuse University will recognize and promote the agreement with prospective transfer students.
  6. Faculty and administrators at SUNY Morrisville and Syracuse University will continue to develop collaborative ways to engage prospective transfer students.

Articulation Agreement

SUNY Morrisville Courses Credits SU Courses Credits
COMP 101 Composition and Research 3 WRT 105 Writing I 3
MATH 141 or MATH 123 3 MAT 221 Elementary Problems & Statistics 3
BIOL 150 & 150L 4 BIO 216 Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIOL 151 & 151L 4 BIO 217 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology 3 PSY 205 Foundation of Human Behavior 3
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology 3 Social Sciences 3
FSAD 257 Senior Seminar 1 HSH 101 First Year Gateway 1
FSAD 102 Certification of Applied Food Service 1 NSD 114 Food Safety & Quality Assurance 1
FSAD 101 Quantity Foods Preparation 3 NSD 115 Food Science I 3
NUTR 260 Meal Management 3 NSD 216 Rest & Food Service Operations 3
NUTR 110 Nutrition I 3 NSD 225 Nutrition in Health 3
FSAD 255 Food Purchasing & Cost Control 4 NSD 312 Cost Control 3
NUTR 160 Diet Therapy 3 NSD 326 Practice of Dietetics 3
NUTR 210 Nutrition and Life Cycle 3 NSD 342 Nutrition in the Life Span 3
NUTR 225 Edu Methods-Food & Health Care 3 CRS 225 Public Advocacy
CRS 325 Presentational Speaking
NUTR 115 Health Field 2 Elective 2
NUTR 170 Supervised Field Experience I 3 Elective 3
BSAD 116 Business Organization 3 NSD 314 Hosp. Customer Relations Training 3
NUTR 219/220 Supervised Field Experience Sum 3 Elective 3
NUTR 230 Supervised Field Experience II 3 Elective 3
NUTR 270 Supervised Field Experience III 3 Elective 3
Total Credits 61 Total Credits 60

Additional Notes:
This agreement supersedes all previous agreements and may be amended by mutual agreement.

Remaining courses to complete the DPD degree requirements:

Course Prefix/Number/Title Credits
WRT205 Writing II 3
BIO 121 General Biology 4
BIO 123 General Biology II 3
BIO 124 General Biology II Lab 1
CHE 106 General Chemistry Lecture I 3
CHE 107 General Chemistry Lab 1
CHE 116 General Chemistry Lecture II 3
CHE 117 General Chemistry Lab 1
Social Science (Varies)* 3
Humanities* or
Foreign Languages (Varies)
Writing Intensive (Varies)* 0
Critical Reflections (Varies)* 0
NSD 275 Food Service Systems 3
NSD 455 Community Nutrition 3
NSD 456 Nutrition Biochemistry 4
NSD 457 Research & Eva!. Nutrition 3
NSD 466 Advanced Nutrition 3
NSD 476 Senior Nutrition Seminar 1
NSD 477 Senior Nutrition Seminar 2 1
NSD 481 Medical Nutrition Therapy I 3
NSD 482 Medical Nutrition Therapy I Lab 1
NSD 483 Medical Nutrition Therapy II 3
NSD 484 Medical Nutrition Therapy II Lab 1
NSD 511 Nutrition Education 3
NSD 512 Nutrition Counseling 3
Electives (Varies) to reach degree credits
Total credits required to complete degree 124

* The Writing Intensive and Critical Reflections courses may meet a Humanities, Social Science, or elective requirement.

SUNY Morrisville and Syracuse University authorize this agreement to became effective on November 5, 2015.

Dean Jeremy S. Jordan
David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics
Syracuse University

Elizabeth D.
Interim Vice Chancellor and Provost
Syracuse University

Dean Joseph H. Bularzik
School of Science, Technology and Health Studies
SUNY Morrisville

Michael Cappeto
Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
SUNY Morrisville