By: Allison Milch ’18 is majoring in nutrition and dietetics. She is a blogger for What the Health Magazine and is a member of the Nutrition Education and Promotion Association (NEPA). She shares her perspectives below on the many benefits of blogging about health and nutrition

“Walking into my high school reunion brunch during Thanksgiving break, I didn’t expect bombardment of questions and compliments regarding the writing I was working on at school. “Hey, I’ve been reading the blog articles you’ve been posting!” my old classmates uttered. “Allison, I cited one of your articles for a paper I wrote,” said my friend, Katie, now a freshman at the University of Michigan. All semester I had been using social media as an avenue to promote my writing, a new hobby that I describe as my creative outlet. However, I was amazed by the magnitude of positive feedback and readers I obtained in a short period of time.

To this day, I submit blog articles once a week for What The Health Magazine’s website, providing analyses of student attention to health and nutrition, while also incorporating extensive research to support my suggestions and encouragement of a healthy lifestyle. My passion for writing blogs stems from my privilege of choosing my own topics, ranging from the gluten-free diet, a pertinent obstacle in my own life, to the health impact of late night snacking. I believe Syracuse students will perceive the issues I discuss as interesting and relatable, as they are hotly debated in daily conversation.

The greatest reward from writing blog articles, however, is my consistent expansion of knowledge about the field of nutrition. Applying course material in addition to broadening my horizons through research has clarified my interests and has made me more confident in my pursuit of becoming a registered dietician. My articles have also received rave reviews from my friends, classmates, and family, which have further stimulated my dream of writing professionally someday. I am grateful for the extensive opportunities Syracuse University has offered me and I plan to continue blogging and strengthening my writing skills.”

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