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Video: ‘Passion for Helping People’

Last spring, School of Social Work graduate student Andrew Carroll worked as an intern at Upstate Medical University’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic. “I think my number one takeaway from this internship is that that there’s theory and there’s practice, but practice is really where I gain the most benefit,” Carroll says. “You can study a book in all different theories but until you actually do it, it’s very different.”

Before earning his master of social work (M.S.W.) degree, Carroll received the School of Social Work’s Virginia Insley Award presented to an outstanding M.S.W. Health Care Concentration student who is interested in maternal and child health. “I want to continue to use my knowledge in a clinical setting and ideally I would love to go to into a private practice and continue to help people,” he says. “I think working with a younger population is important because it helps to intervene when the brains are still malleable and interrupts the intergenerational cycle of mental health.”.