Wellness Day

Dear Falk College Students,

As we approach the first of the University’s two Wellness Days on March 23, I’d like to connect you to resources and programming planned for students here in Falk and across the University. I encourage you to continue prioritizing self-care to support your physical and mental health and well-being.

No one will ever forget how our lives were changed in March 2020. Since then, all of us have faced severe hardships and loss—some were unique to each person, others were common to us all. The journey has been long, and it’s not over yet. One year later, perhaps we’re “used to” online classes, social distancing, and other public health restrictions. But I remind you today that this is not normal. Even as we see great hope ahead, we’re still in the midst of really challenging days that continue to tax our mental and physical health, perhaps more so than we even realize.

You are part of our Falk Family, and we are here to help you. We’re just about half-way through the Spring 2021 semester, and it is so very important that we lean on each other to finish strong. Please reach out to the network of services available through Falk Student Services, The Barnes Center, and Hendricks Chapel.

Please use your March 23 Wellness Day to invest in your well-being. Perhaps it is a good time to reflect on ways you can incorporate more self-care into your routine, by picking up a mental health practice like meditation, switching up your exercise routine, incorporating new healthy ingredients into your diet, or connecting with your spiritual or religious community.

You can also use the day to participate in some of the Wellness Day programming planned across campus. A Wellness Guide has been prepared for Syracuse University students, faculty, and staff in advance of the University’s Wellness Days on March 23 and April 21. It is a compilation of University and local resources for health, well-being, and personal care for mind and body.

Here in Falk College, our Office of Student Services is sponsoring “Plant Seeds of Gratitude and Watch them Grow,” a virtual and in-person gratitude board located outside of the Falk Student Lounge on the second floor of Falk Complex. The Seeds of Gratitude concept is meant to spark positive thinking and reflection, which can help you feel better and make healthier choices. I encourage you to take a moment to express gratitude and capture these thoughts in a journal, through meditation, during a walk outside, or whatever way sounds most meaningful to you. If you would like to submit them to the Seeds of Gratitude board, you can do so starting today, March 17, through March 23 either in person or virtually through the Poll Everywhere app or by emailing falkss@syr.edu. Poll Everywhere submissions should be hyphenated. For example, use “my-roommate” not “my roommate.” Please note that the Poll Everywhere app accommodates a limited number of submissions.

To start us off, I’d like to express my gratitude to our Falk community. You, our Falk students, inspire me every day by your commitment to making our communities healthier, stronger, and more just both in your future careers and in your personal lives. Thank you for being an example of how determined people can and will change the world. It is truly a privilege to serve you all as you pursue your futures here at Falk College. Falk College faculty, staff, and I are indeed very thankful for you.

With Gratitude,

Diane Lyden Murphy
Dean, Falk College