Kara Danziger, ’18, Food Studies Major

Kara Danziger poses beside her research poster on SU Food Services

An Interview with Kara Danziger

What is your Food Studies focus area and what about it interests you?
I am interested in the corporate/ hospitality side of food studies. I love the different routes that one can take within this major and though I personally have led it more towards a marketing and sales direction there is room for students to do otherwise.

Where did you complete your internship and what did it entail?
I interned with Syracuse University’s Food Service team as a Marketing Intern. My role here was to drive student traffic to the social media pages, and to work one-on-one with students getting a feel of their wants and needs. I also focused a ton on photographing food available on campus in the dining halls/ cafes to show students what is accessible to them and draw them towards on campus dining experiences. I was there to show students all of the options available and survey them for feedback as well.

Tell us about a challenge you faced in your internship and how you got through it.
The most challenging part of my internship was figuring out the right time and place to post content. For example, over Thanksgiving break or finals we were sure students were not checking their social media accounts as regularly so we had to find the right time to post our pictures so that they were sure to be seen.

How did this internship prepare you to work in the broad field of Food Studies?
This internship has for sure pointed me in the right direction upon graduation. It solidified my interests and showed me that this is where I see myself down the road and in the near future. I learned ways to market products or events and how social media is key in the marketing world nowadays.

What are you up to now?
I am thankfully continuing on with my position for next semester and plan on working around 10 hours a week on a project with my wonderful boss. I look forward to continuing my work with Food Service until I graduate in May!

Anything else you’d like to add?
I am extremely thankful for this opportunity. It has led me to learn so much and prepare me for the “real world.” I know now, there won’t be as many rude awakenings, I feel am ready to go!