The Couple and Family Therapy Center

The Couple and Family Therapy Center (CFTC) offers confidential therapy services to families, couples, and individuals who are coping with life’s challenges. Some of the issues most frequently addressed at the Center include resolving relationship difficulties; exploring and affirming diverse gender experiences; easing communication struggles; moving beyond family violence or substance abuse; or transforming emotional distress such as anxiety or depression, grief, and loss. The Couple and Family Therapy Center serves diverse clients from across Central New York.

CFTC is located in Peck Hall with satellite sites in the community. The Peck Hall location provides a comfortable therapeutic atmosphere with rooms that offer flexible treatment options, such as talk therapy, play therapy and sand tray interventions. Therapists who begin their training at Peck Hall CFTC are a master or doctoral student in the Marriage and Family Therapy Department at Syracuse University who work closely under the supervision of licensed therapists. Advanced technology affords students excellent training oversight and ultimately improves the quality of service to clients. Currently, CFTC student therapists are trained to offer teletherapy to clients on a HIPAA compliant platform due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Gender Expansive Support Team:

The Center features the Gender Expansive Support Team (GEST), which provides a unique opportunity for students who want to gain training and experience working with individuals, couples, and families with a transgender/gender-expansive experience. In addition to their general caseload, GEST therapists help families become more attuned to each other as they navigate through the process of gender exploration and/or transition. This may include general therapy and/or providing letters of support for medical gender transition.

Community Connections:

In collaboration with Syracuse Community Connections (SCC), specialized MFT graduate students provide individual, couple, and family therapy at the Syracuse Model Neighborhood Facility, Inc. This facility provides services to predominately African American, low-income residents and neighborhoods in the City of Syracuse. Through the SCC and MFT collaboration, people accessing other services at this facility can now access mental health services without costly insurance co-payments or traveling to an unfamiliar location.

Resettled Refugees:

The Couple and Family Therapy Center has ongoing relationships with several community agencies that serve resettled refugees. Partnerships include Peace Inc. Head Start where students provide clinical services and engage in research. Students can also take a course on Migration and Mental Health to learn more about working with this population. Opportunities for community-engaged research are also available.

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The Couple and Family Therapy Center is located at 601 E. Genesee Street. Day and evening appointments are available Monday through Thursday. For more information, call 315-443-3023, or email

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