Frequently Asked Questions for the Online Master’s Program

Below are common questions asked about our Marriage and Family Therapy online masters program.

Are there residencies that are required? If so, how many?

Currently, there is one 5-day residency requirement. It will be in the 5th semester of your degree program, as part of one of your courses (M.F.T. 750).

I am interested in the Trauma-Informed Practice CAS or the Child Therapy CAS. Can this certificate be added on to the online M.F.T. degree program?

Not at this time. The Trauma CAS and Child Therapy CAS are main campus programs and students cannot be enrolled in an online program and main campus program at the same time.

Is the dual M.S.W./M.F.T. degree option available online?

The dual M.S.W./M.F.T. degree will not be available online.

Are there multiple start dates for the online M.F.T. degree program or is there one start date per year for the program?

We will have three start dates (Fall, Spring, Summer).

What is the total cost for the M.F.T. online program and do you assist with scholarships for incoming students?

The M.F.T. programs (Residential, Online, and Ph.D.) recently received a tuition reduction. The tuition costs are available on the Syracuse University Cost of Attendance for Graduate students page. Falk College does not provide any additional scholarships.

Can Remitted Tuition Benefits be used?

If you are a Syracuse University employee with remitted tuition benefits, they can be used for the M.F.T. M.A. Online Program. Outside agency remitted tuition cannot be used for online programs at Syracuse University.

When applying to the M.F.T. M.A. Programs – can the GRE be waived for students who already have a Master’s degree?

Yes. At this time the GREs are waived if you have a completed master’s degree.

Is the M.F.T. Online Program accredited?

Yes, the program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE).

What are the application requirements for the program?

The application requirements will include: academic transcripts, three letters of recommendation, and your personal statement. There is also a required video interview component on the application itself. Due to covid, the GRE requirement has currently been waived. However, this may again be required post-covid. Please confirm with Falk Admissions when you are ready to apply.

What is the video interview?

The short video interview component of the application gives the committee a chance to get to know you better. You will be asked a few general questions about your interests and goals. It takes no more than 5 minutes to complete.

Is the M.F.T. M.A. Online Program full-time and part-time?

The M.F.T. M.A. Online Program is part-time only. Typically, students will take 6 credits per semester (three semesters per year). The average completion time for the degree is expected to be three years (dependent on completion of clinical hours). Consideration may eventually be given to requests to take additional coursework each semester on a case-by-case basis, but it will not necessarily speed up how long it takes to complete the program. Department permission is needed before any additional courses can be taken in any given semester.

How long will it take to complete the M.F.T. online program?

The average completion time for the degree is expected to be three years (dependent on completion of clinical hours).

Do you accept transfer credits, if so, how many?

We can accept up to 18 credits from a COAMFTE accredited MFT program. For those not transferring from a COAMFTE accredited MFT program, the maximum number of transfer credits is 12. All transfer credits must be reviewed by the department for appropriateness. There is no guarantee that credits will be transferred in.

When will I be assigned a faculty advisor?

At the beginning of your first semester a faculty advisor will be assigned and will assist with the development of your degree program. Staff are available to assist with questions prior to that time, if needed.

Is the M.F.T. online program available to international students?

International students living in the US and willing to do a US placement are welcome to apply to the program. Currently, the program is not available to international students living outside the US.

Does it matter which state I live in as far as clinical placements and licensing goes?

Each state has its own licensing requirements. Students must check with the licensing board of their home state to determine if the online M.F.T. master’s degree at Syracuse University will meet state requirements for licensure. Individual state licensing requirements can be found at the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (A.A.M.F.T.) website. For those looking to be licensed in California, you may need to take two more classes in California during or post M.A. The Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico do not license M.F.T.s. The online degree program at Syracuse University meets licensing requirements for New York State.

How will I get a clinical placement?

This is described in detail in the Student Handbook, which is available on our website (Forms and Information.) You are required to find your own clinical placement, but the M.F.T. Department (Online Internship Coordinator) will assist with developing each clinical placement site. Placement sites must provide couple and family therapy services and offer opportunities for direct contact with clients, including relational sessions. In addition, there must be a supervisor at the site who is licensed and meets standards for supervisors (as listed in the handbook). The handbook can be found under forms on the M.F.T. Forms and Information.

Visit the Forms and Information page.

What is the structure of the program and what is the course delivery format?

This also is described in detail in the Student Handbook located on the Forms and Information page on our website. Generally, it is a 60-credit, accredited master’s degree. Courses are delivered online synchronously (with asynchronous components), with considerable video and student participation.

Will I get help finding a placement?

Yes, although the primary responsibility will rest with the student. The M.F.T. Department at SU is not responsible for finding the Practicum site or clinical supervisor for students. The student is responsible to identify the Practicum site and connect the Internship Coordinator with the site to arrange the steps and requirements to formalize the internship placement. The Student Handbook on Forms and Information page describes the process in detail.

How does one complete the practicum process online?

Practicum is not completed online; it involves a clinical placement in the community/region in which the student resides (see Student Handbook, on Forms and Information page.

Does my placement supervisor have to be approved by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)?

Clinical supervisors must be A.A.M.F.T. Approved Supervisors, Supervisor Candidates or the equivalent.

At what point do M.F.T. students begin to see clients?

In the first semester of Practicum (M.F.T. 760).

What is the campus residency requirement? When is it offered?

There will be one 5-day residency, which will be part of M.F.T. 750. This will occur after the student has completed several core courses (typically in the 5th semester of the degree program, which will require 4-5 nights of lodging and meals, plus travel).

What are the costs associated with the residency?

The cost of the residency will include lodging, travel, transportation and some food. Details will be available soon. Falk College does not assist with these costs.

Will there be any added fees along with the tuition cost? What are they for and how much?

T.B.D. See “What are the costs associated with the residency?” above.

What is the tuition for Syracuse University?

Syracuse University’s graduate programs charge per credit hour. To see current tuition rates, see the graduate cost of attendance on the Syracuse University website.

Are there any scholarships or Financial Aid options available?

Students can apply for student loans by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. There are no Falk College scholarships available.

If I have to take a semester or two off, can I come back and pick up where I left off?

Any changes to the student’s degree plan will require consultation with, and approval of, the academic advisor. Arrangements can be made for changes in the course schedule; however, clinical placements are much more difficult to adjust or change.

What exactly are the licensing requirements?

Each state has its own licensing requirements. The website and the Student Handbook on Forms and Information page have links to the various state licensing boards. Individual state licensing requirements can be found at A.A.M.F.T. website.

How do I apply?

The application is available from our website on the “How To Apply” page.

Financial Aid?

Financial aid for the Marriage and Family Therapy Online program at Syracuse University, will be administered through University College, which is the home of part-time studies and online programs at Syracuse University.

For FAFSA, students should go to Student Aid page. Graduate students are eligible for federal unsubsidized (unsub) direct and graduate plus loans, the same as main campus residential students. Unsub first, then Grad PLUS. Grad PLUS will require a separate application at Both loan options are under the “Apply for Aid” menu at the top of the screen. Student must max out the direct Unsub loan first, which is offered after receiving FAFSA results. The Grad PLUS also requires a mini-credit check that the Department of Education has set up as part of the Grad PLUS application.

Financial Aid Contacts?

Students whose last names begin with A-J can contact Sana’a El-Amir at and students whose last names begin with K-Z can contact Janet Lafata at The office coordinator, David MacDonald, can answer general questions like “did you get my F.A.F.S.A. yet”.

Email- NetID & Email?

To set up Net ID, you will need your SUID, which you received from enrollment management upon applying. Using your unique student ID number, you will be able to set up your NETID for MySlice. Here is the link to do that: NETID. MySlice is the portal which you can access your enrollment, grades, blackboard and so on. If you have any problems with the set-up, call 315-443-2677 and they will help you.

After you set up your NETID, you will also be able to set up your SU email account. This is where you will receive SU related information. If you have problems, you can contact them at the same number as above.

How can I find out more about the Marriage and Family Therapy Online program?

For more information, please visit our website, call 315-443-5555 or you may ask a question on our online graduate form.

Where can I find additional information about the online master’s degree?

When is the next graduate student information session being held?

To be determined each semester for the MFT MA Online Program. To receive more information,