Service Learning and Internships


The B.S. in Public Health major utilizes a service-learning approach to integrate community-based learning opportunities with classroom instruction.  Faculty partner with community agencies to design service experiences that not only enhance student learning, but also meet a need of the community.  Public health students complete a total of 480 hours of service learning work.  These hours are accrued while being engaged in promoting health (PHP 221), planning, implementing or evaluating health education (PHP 304), understanding diversity (PHP 307), and improving health literacy (PHP 311). Students may additionally explore and develop skills in health writing, illustration, photography and layout/design in the context of developing the bi-yearly Healthy You Magazine for the Syracuse University community (PHP 227).

Service learning culminates in PHP 422: the Senior Capstone Internship. PHP 422 is a nine-credit, 400-hour senior internship experience that demonstrates the student’s expertise in applying public health knowledge and skill in a practice setting.

For more information about the Senior Capstone Internship, see the related handbook (PDF) for this experience.

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Master of Science in Global Health students are required to complete a 3 credit hour graduate practicum. The goal of the graduate practicum is to provide students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the program in an agency or setting, under the direction of a preceptor different from their academic advisor. The practicum also affords students an opportunity to develop and apply competencies that may not be well developed in academic coursework such as leadership ability and group process skills, political awareness and communication skills, and understanding public and private financing mechanisms.  Students select a practicum in an agency located in a local or global setting or with a local or global focus.  The practicum is completed after all other degree requirements have been met, and is seen as a culminating experience.