Student Internship Posters

Public Health Seniors regularly present posters on research undertaken during internships within local and out-of-state organizations.

Poster Presentations

Last Name First Name Agency Title Presented
Bailey Cameron Better Bones Vitamin D Supplementation 2019, December
Carangua Daisy SU Health Services Long Term Effects of Chlamydia on Women 2019, December
Florio Kristen SU Health Services The Utilization of Integrated Care on College Campuses 2019, December
Frances Carolina Planned Parenthood The Association Between Reproductive Health Oppression and Negative Health Outcomes in Women of Color 2019, December
Gomez Ashley SU Health Services Risk of HPV Vaccination 2019, December
Gray Ryan SU Ambulance PTSD in the EMS Worker 2019, December
Haverstick Shannon Robert Wood Johnson Hospital-Based Health Education 2019, December
Hildenbrand Megan Golisano Children's Hospital Social Determinants of Health: Screening Tool for Pediatric Best Practice 2019, December
Imbalzano Meghan St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center The Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative: Breastfeeding is Best for Public Health 2019, December
Ives Desiree SUNY Upstate Medical University Colorectal Cancer Screenings and Prevention 2019, December
Martinez Alexis Institute for Veterans and Military Families Relationships, Communication & Community: Tools for Improving Social Determinants of Health for Veterans 2019, December
McLorg Alizee SUNY Upstate Medical University How to Measure Poverty in Low and Middle Income Countries 2019, December
McNeil Grace Institute for Veterans and Military Families Integrated Care as a Solution to Complex Mental Health Issues Faced by Veterans and Their Families 2019, December
Ozols Danielle SUNY Upstate Medical University Encouraging Mammograms Among Muslim Refugees in Onondaga County 2019, December
Salmon Kyle Better Bones Superfoods for Osteoporosis Prevention 2019, December
Thomas Jovan SU Office of Sustainability Composting for Sustainable Living on Campus 2019, December
Viall Haley Telehealth An Emerging Solution to Expanding Access to Care 2019, December
Young Terynn Crouse Hospital Recommendations to improve public health through a revision of endometrial cancer standards of care 2019, December
Ba Marieme SHINE Investing in Clean Energy: A Global Health Imperative 2019, August
Baglietto Isabella Onondaga County Department of Health Adverse Childhood Experiences Increasing the Risk for Substance Use Disorders 2019, August
D'Alonzo Jovanna Cornell Cooperative Extension Worksite Wellness Program and the Economic Impact of Diabetes in the Workplace 2019, August
Gowdha Ilhan YWCA Lyme Disease Prevention in Syracuse Youth 2019, August
Mallozzi Carey Prevention Network Preventing Relapse among Postpartum Women with Sustance Use Disorder 2019, August
Allen Emily McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center A Voice to Be Heard: Increasing Awareness and Funding of Child Advocacy Centers 2019, May
Appiah Kevin Interfaith Works Addressing Implicit Bias through Early Childhood Education 2019, May
Arroyo Jonathan SU Recreation Services Health Promotion through Recreation 2019, May
Axelrod Bayley Better Bones Weight Bearings Exercise in Youth and its Effects on Bone Mineral Density in Adulthood 2019, May
Bacha Carina SU Health Services Knowledge, Attitudes, and Use of Antibiotics in College-Aged Students 2019, May
Bohnen Ginger Hopeprint Community-Based Public Health Inventions and Attachment Patters in Refugees 2019, May
Brady Caitlin American Red Cross Improving Community Resilience through Disaster Prepardness Education 2019, May
Caird Isabella Sarah's Guest House The Expansion of Sarah's Guest House for Bone Marrow Transplant Patients 2019, May
Castillo Rachel CNY Eye & Tissue Bank Increasing Organ Donation through Awareness among Minorities 2019, May
Chacon Anthonnella Chadwick Residence Barriers to Housing for Homeless Women 2019, May
Cohen Hannah Golisano Children's Hospital The Need for New Child & Adolescent Mental Health Programs and Policies in the 18 Counties Serviced by Upstate Golisano's Children's Hospital 2019, May
Cuevas Clarissa SU Health Services The Impact of Low Nutrition Literacy on Self-Esteem 2019, May
Flewelling Heather American Red Cross Get to Yes 2019, May
Gratz Heather American Cancer Society Parental Influence on Cancer Prevention in Youth 2019, May
Hagerty Bridget ACR Health A Need for Sale Consumption Sites in New York State to Combat the Opioid Epidemic 2019, May
Harris Ari Golisano Children's Hospital Pediatric Unintentional Injuries from Falls in Onondaga County (2016-2018) 2019, May
Hastings Joshua RISE Building Social Emotional Intelligence with Refugee Youth 2019, May
Hawrynk Abigail SU Health Services Promoting the Treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder at Syracuse University 2019, May
Johnson Kennedy Onondaga County Department of Health Data Utilization in the Advancement of Public Health Initiatives in Syracuse Healthy Start 2019, May
Jones Shareif Boys and Girls Club Life Skills with Urban Youth 2019, May
Linhart Meaghan Syracuse Jewish Family Services Memory Care with Adults in a Residential Program 2019, May
Lu Amelia SUNY Upstate Medical University Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Transitional Care Pilot Project Logic Model 2019, May
Maglio Rachel VA Medical Center Minority Stress Theory and Women Veterans 2019, May
Marte Megan SUNY Upstate Medical University Planning and Introduction of Mobile Mammography in Underserved CNY Counties 2019, May
Matsis Sophia SU Office of Sustainability A Comparison of Environmental and Human Health Sustainability of Organic Vs. Local Foods 2019, May
Miller Kelli Muscular Dystrophy Association Addressing Mental Health of Muscular Dystrophy Caregiver 2019, May
Morris Guy Crouse Hospital In-patient Discharge Delay Study 2019, May