Student Internship Posters

Public Health Seniors regularly present posters on research undertaken during internships within local and out-of-state organizations.

Poster Presentations

Last Name First Name Agency Title Presented
Adeoba Iyanu Planned Parenthood of Central and Western NY Educating New York State Youth on Sexual Disease Transmission and Prevention 2023, May
Cruz Joseph Interfaith Works of CNY Empowering Success Over Adversity: Work Coaching for Immigrants in Syracuse to Overcome Prejudice and Racism in Employment 2023, May
Da Shallythaw Sarah's Guest House Exploring the Feasibility and Outcomes of Hospital at Home Programs for Elderly Patients 2023, May
De La Luz Salgado Crystal ACR Health A Case for Incorporating Safe Injection Sites in Syringe Exchange Programs in New York State 2023, May
Edwards Kiersten ACR Health Methods for Addressing the Role of Historical Redlining in Opioid Use Outcomes 2023, May
Espinosa-Perez Lisa St. Joseph's Health Disparities in Maternal Morbidity and Mortality within the American Indian/Alaska Native Population Through the Lens of the Social Determinants of Health 2023, May
Flaherty Elizabeth Hopeprint Reinvestment without Gentrification: Resources Access and Gauging Need in the Diverse, Global Community of the Northside of Syracuse 2023, May
Gaudette Kinley Loretto Variation in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Policies Between New York and Comparable States 2023, May
Giraldo Vanessa YWCA Mental Health of Adolescents in Girls of Low-Income Communities 2023, May
Grosso Sydney Center for Better Bones From Complementary to Mainstream: A New Paradigm for Healthcare: Exploring Holistic Medicine Practices and their Impact on Health 2023, May
Gutierrez Nicole Interfaith Works of CNY An Assessment of Mental Health Perceptions Among Adults in Kenya Vs. the United States 2023, May
Harris Nicole Health and Human Performance of NYC Using Social Media as a Tool to Reach a Wider Audience with Rehabilitation Information in NYC 2023, May
Hatzelamprou Panagiotis Prevention Network Preventing, Screening, and Treating Addiction in Adolescence 2023, May
Herzfeld Justin Govsphere, Inc. The Emergency of Increased Chronic Low Back Pain in All Ages and the Effect of Prevention Services 2023, May
Heyward Nyaier YWCA The Positive Effects of Non-Profit Organizations on the Adolescent Population 2023, May
Huck Megan Peace, Inc. The Syracuse, NY Lead Epidemic 2023, May
Kirchner Brooke SUNY Upstate Integrated Screening Methods for Breast and Colorectal Cancer in Syracuse, NY 2023, May
Lechner Aric Govsphere, Inc. Public Health Approaches to Coordinating Care and Rehabilitation Outside of Healthcare Facilities: An Evaluation of the Changes in Telehealth Capabilities 2023, May
Marsh Olivia SUNY Upstate Mental Health Disparities Among Minority Groups: Prevention and Outcomes 2023, May
Martinez Tatiana Interfaith Works of CNY Increasing Social Support for Immigrants and Refugees 2023, May
Madison McDonnell Syracuse University IVMF The Positive Effects of Public Health Strategies on Homelessness in the Veteran Community 2023, May
Miranda Mara Syracuse University IVMF The Effects of a Coordinated Care Network for Veterans in New Mexico 2023, May
Moretta Emily Syracuse University Lerner Center The Need for Corporate Wellness Programs 2023, May
Nee Matthew SUNY Upstate Public Health Impact of Emergency Department Crowding and Boarding of Inpatients 2023, May
Osei Gifty Syracuse University Sustainability The Hidden Dangers of Waste Pollution on Human Health 2023, May
Paliotta Farah SUNY Upstate Barriers to the Human Papillomavirus Vaccination with a Focus on the Male Population 2023, May
Pulido Nicole Madison County Department of Health Barriers to the Human Papillomavirus Vaccination with a Focus on the Male Population 2023, May
Seidel Brielle SIT India Evaluating the Pragmatic and Moralistic Approach to Drug Policy and Addiction in Opioid Epidemic Outcomes 2023, May
Srivastava Annika The Allyn Foundation Health Disparities and the Developmental Effects of Lead Poisoning in Children 2023, May
Stanley Amanda SUNY Upstate The Barriers to the HPV Vaccine in Males in the United States 2023, May
Tezuka Mana SIT The Negative Health Effects of Gender-Based Violence on Mothers and Children 2023, May
Venabe Zanai SUNY Upstate Effective Measures to Empower Women to Gain Control Over their Life After Experiencing Domestic Violence and Drug Abuse 2023, May
Amodeo Caroline Govsphere Inc. The Emergence of Virtual Reality in the Healthcare Space and its Beneficial Role with Patients Seeking Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 2022, December
Blomkvist Katie RISE War, Violence, Persecution, and Acculturation: Public Health Interventions for Afghan Refugees in the US Living with PTSD 2022, December
Breton Brooke Peace, Inc. The Effects of Exposure to Violence on Childhood Health and Development in the Syracuse Community 2022, Deccember
Cadogan Audrey Pfizer Alleviating Medical Mistrust in Marginalized Communities through the Impact of the Pharmaceutical Industry 2022, December
Donnay Dom Crouse Hospital Addressing the Multi-Factor Opioid Crisis with a Public Health Approach 2022, December
Fetus Fabryce Digital Service at City of Syracuse The Impact of Asthma on Minority Communities: Understanding Causes of High Asthma Rates to Promote Evidence-Based Interventions 2022, December
Jang Rachel Interfaith Works CNY Identifying and Preventing the Risk of Social Isolation and Loneliness Among Older Immigrant Adults (65+) 2022, December
Kallon Christiana Kisumu, Kenya An Assessment of Patient, Community, and Provider Attitudes towards Health Literacy in Kisumu County, Kenya 2022, December
Lokhmanchuk Viktoriia Syracuse University Office of Sustainability Management Addressing the Factors that Influence Food Insecurity Among Collegiate Student Athletes in the United States 2022, December
Martini Alessia SUNY Upstate Eye Health & the Prevention of Eye Disease in Syracuse, New York 2022, December
Pagnozzi Stephanie St. Josephs Health Short Staffing in US Neonatal Intensive Care Units and its Impact on Quality of Care 2022, December
Peterson Nicole Kisumu, Kenya The Importance of Comprehensive Patient Histories to Improve Health Outcomes in South Africa 2022, December
Pettinelli Samantha SUNY Upstate Assessing the Length of Stay and Patient Capacity Limitations within the Emergency Department 2022, December
Smiga Rebecca The Allyn Foundation Sociodemographic Impacts on Unintended Pregnancies 2022, December
Vines Joanna Planned Parenthood Importance of Comprehensive Sexual Health Education: Addressing the Lack of Sexual Health Education in New York State Public Schools K-12 2022, December
Carrington Tianna Syracuse University Barnes at The Arch Disparities Impacting Low-Income College Students 2022, August
Gao Zihui Syracuse University Sustainability Management The Use of Anti-Inflammatory Vegetables to Improve Health 2022, August
Green Zane Catholic Charities of NYC Health & Housing: Housing Stability as a Social Determinant of Health 2022, August