Student Internship Posters

Public Health Seniors regularly present posters on research undertaken during internships within local and out-of-state organizations.

Poster Presentations

Last Name First Name Agency Title Presented
Bourgeois Sophia Burke Neurological Institute Changing the Game: A New Approach to Curing Chronic Neurological Diseases 2018, December
Brea Kevin Planned Parenthood Diversity in Non-Profit Organizations: Impact on Growth, Development and Program Delivery 2018, December
Cummings Margaret Atlantic States Legal Foundation, Inc. Environmental Education and Injustices in Bhutanese Refugees 2018, December
Fernandez Brooke CNY Eye & Tissue Bank Combating Myth and Stigma to Address Organ Donation Shortages 2018, December
Forkin James Syracuse City School District The Focus on the Whole Child 2018, December
Gibbs Amanda SU Health Services Examining HPV Literacy among Syracuse University Students 2018, December
Guseh Nahnsan Healthe Connections Using HIE Data to Examine Opioid Prescription Rates 2018, December
Hiller Arin SUNY Upstate Cancer Center Breast Cancer, Mammography Access, and Low-Income Populations: The City of Syracuse 2018, December
Jaquin Maia Cayuga Health Network Health Education in Rural & Underserved Communities 2018, December
Johnson Madeline SUNY Upstate Poison Center Poison Prevention Education and Outreach in New York State Counties 2018, December
Miocevich Sarah SUNY Upstate Cancer Center Barriers to HPV Vaccinations 2018, December
Mora Kaylynn SU Health Services Food Insecurity among Syracuse University Students: How Health Services Can Help Bridge the Gap 2018, December
Morris Meghan Planned Parenthood Sexual Health Community Outreach and Education with Planned Parenthood 2018, December
Ramlal Vanessa Institute for Veterans and Military Families Understanding Co-Occurring Needs in the Veteran Population: Presentation, Severity, and Measurement in Individuals and Communities 2018, December
Robinson Latisha St. Joseph’s Westside Clinic Addressing No-show Rates in Urban Clinics 2018, December
Rothstein Rachel NYU Longone Medical Center Utilizing Health Promotion Strategies in the Emergency Department to Increase Flu Vaccination among Diverse Patient Populations 2018, December
Sinsky Kathleen SU Off-Campus & Commuter Services Effect of Mobile Rideshare Applications on College Campus Safety 2018, December
Barnes Eric Fayetteville Fire Department Fit for Duty: Policy to Reduce Firefighter Cardiovascular Diseases 2018, August
Ditrani Gabrielle YWCA Domestic Violence on Women's Health (YWCA Edition) 2018, August
Feig Samantha Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Effectiveness and Availability of Internet-Based Services after Loss from Blood Cancer 2018, August
Putney Cullan Atlantic States Legal Foundation, Inc. The Effectiveness of Fish Consumption Advisories: Outreach Analysis and Health Implications 2018, August
Rathnam Shibani SU, NIH Lead Study Program The Inter-Relationship of Depression, Impulsivity, and High Risk Behavior in Urban Youth Aged 9-11 2018, August
Rich William Chester County Health Department Lyme Disease: A Growing Concern in Chester County (PA) 2018, August
Tirone Balda Golisano Children's Hospital Improving Outreach and Education on Nonfatal Childhood Drownings in Onondaga County 2018, August
Alvarez Danielle SU Health Services What Are the Barriers to STI Testing? 2018, May
Asumeng Yvette American Cancer Society Human Papillomavirus Vaccination: What Is It and How Can We Improve Completion Rates for Adolescents 2018, May
Behling Deric Oswego County Department of Health Culiseta Melanura and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) –Prevention and Education for Central New Yorkers 2018, May
Blumenthal Alyson ACR Health Pregnancy and Parenting with Substance Use Disorder 2018, May
Borrill Lauren David Larsen A Case Study on Malaria in Bioko Island 2018, May
Cherif Fanta David Larsen Polio in Nigeria: The Race to Eradication 2018, May
Dain Cecelia SU Office of Health Promotions Influence of Visual Design on Consumer Health Behavior 2018, May
Devore Brianna Cayuga Health Network Smoking Cessation Programs for Pregnant Women 2018, May
Dibello Mia SU Athletics Restoring Foundation to the Injured Athlete at the Collegiate Level 2018, May
Donnelly Leah SUNY Upstate Medical University Keep Our Patients Safe 2018, May
Eady Alancia McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center Impact of Child Abuse for Later Life Trauma: Commercial Sexual Exploitation 2018, May
Gambrell Breanna SU Athletics ACL Injuries Amongst Intercollegiate Athletes 2018, May
Gittelman Rachel Better Bones Foundation The Natural Approach to Building Strong Bones That Will last You A Lifetime 2018, May
Hendriks Crystal SU Health Services Effects of Contraceptive Education on Women’s Knowledge and Method Adherence 2018, May
Hershey Holden Institute for Veterans and Military Families Traditional Analysis vs. Current Innovations in Collective Impact Measures 2018, May
Hockenberry Joshua Atlantic States Legal Foundation, Inc. Understanding the Value and Challenge of Green Spaces in the UrbanCore 2018, May
Koniuch Kristen Neighborhood & Business Development Coalition (Maxwell) An Assessment of Residential Instability and Its Impacts 2018, May
Krappman Andrew SU Health Services A Proposed Model of Nutritional Education for College Students 2018, May
Kubiak Courtney RBM MERG Improving Indoor Residual Spray Coverage in Zambia: Is mSpray a Solution? 2018, May
Kurdi Amina RBM MERG Malaria in Ghana and the E8 2018, May
Larios Aviles Francisco SU Recreations Services What Motivates Syracuse University Students to Remain Physically Active 2018, May
Lee Inae SUNY Upstate Medical University Mammogram and Disparities Among African American Women 2018, May
Martin Jocelyn SUNY Upstate Medical University Epigenetics: Trauma Inheritance and Health Disparities in Native American Women 2018, May
McInerney Catherine Syracuse Jewish Family Services The Health Effects of Loneliness and Isolation in a Long-Term Care Facility 2018, May
Meagher Alexandra Sarah’s Guest House The Effects That Patients in the ICU Have On Their Families 2018, May
Meltzer Marc SU Office of Sustainability Corn Consequences to Food Miles 2018, May