Student Internship Posters

Public Health Seniors regularly present posters on research undertaken during internships within local and out-of-state organizations.

Poster Presentations

Last Name First Name Agency Title Presented
Acevedo Alex Heartland Dental Health Disparities in the Dental Field 2021, May
Aschalew Malate FACES Program The Similarities and Differences between the COVID-19 Pandemic and the HIV Epidemic in the United States 2021, May
Burnes Amanda SU COVID Response Team Dormitory COVID-19 Cases at Syracuse University as seen through Wastewater Management 2021, May
Carter Nicole SUNY Upstate Cancer Center Best Practices and Recommendations for Glaucoma Early Detection Program 2021, May
Cavanaugh Claudia Office of Energy Systems and Sustainability Management Sustaining Education: Analyzing the Factors that Shape Food Insecurity on College Campuses 2021, May
Dawicki Seth SU Addiction Studies Reimagining the Development of Community Assessments Regarding Substance Use 2021, May
Donner Sydney SU Lerner Center for Health Promotion Nutrition Education in the School System 2021, May
Gingerelli Kara PEACE, Inc. Opioid and Benzodiazepine Addiction in 18-25-year-olds 2021, May
Godinez Alex SU COVID Response Team Tracking SARS-CoV-2 in the Syracuse University on-campus Residential Student Population Through Wastewater Based Epidemiology 2021, May
Goldberg Carrie Fingerpaint Communications Between Doctors and Parents of Children with Rare Disease 2021, May
Gorup Piper Hopeprint Western Norms vs. New Americans: Meaningful Community Engagement Among Refugees 2021, May
Harmon Danielle PEACE, Inc. How Poverty, Redlining, and Unsafe Living Conditions have Disproportionately affected the African American population in Syracuse and impacted Health Outcomes 2021, May
Javier Tiffany SU COVID Response Team How Social Determinants of Health have Affected Communities of Color During COVID-19 2021, May
Kahn Soniza SU Department of Public Health Vaccinating Pregnant Women Against Hepatitis E Virus 2021, May
Kerchner Aidan Institute for Veterans and Military Families Recreational Therapy in Public Health 2021, May
Kim Elise SU COVID Response Team COVID-29 Isolation and Quarantine Experience on Student's Mental Health 2021, May
Kushner Jagger Meals on Wheels of Syracuse Food Insecurity Among the Elder Population in Onondaga County 2021, May
Leslie Eva ACR Health The Need to Replace Syringe Exchange Programs with Safe Injection Sites to Prevent Overdose Deaths 2021, May
Lord Paige SUNY Upstate Cancer Center Engagement in a Community During COVID-19 Pandemic: Addressing the Social Marketing Model 2021, May
Mireles Eduardo Boys and Girls Club of Syracuse Reducing Obesity using Youth Development Programming 2021, May
Monico Katheryn ACR Health LGBTQ+ Tailored Care for Substance Use Disorders 2021, May
Nabbosa Gloria Hopeprint Trauma Informed Community Engagement 2021, May
Neal Jr. Wayne Interfaith Works in Central New York Racial and Ethnic Equities with COVID Vaccine Distributions 2021, May
Norris Emily Hematology-Oncology Associates of Central New York Breast Cancer and the Social Ecological Model 2021, May
Pinky Anher SU COVID Response Team Tracking Infectious Diseases Through Wastewater-Based Epidemiology, A Systemic Review 2021, May
Roberts Symone Center for Better Bones Post-Menopausal Osteoporosis Prevention through Alkaline Diet 2021, May
Sferlazza Soleil SU COVID Response Team Racial and Ethnic Disparities in COVID-19 2021, May
Singh Gursimar Syracuse Family Planning Services The Intersectionality Between Infertility and Mental Health 2021, May
St. Laurent Zachary Institute for Veterans and Military Families The Relationship Between Understanding Policy and Change to Correcting the War within Veterans 2021, May
Suman Raveena SU COVID Response Team Changes in Dietary Habits during COVID-19 2021, May
Szczech Julia SU COVID Response Team An Ethical Framework of Digital Contact Tracing in Relation to COVID-19 2021, May
Tejeda Elena SU Department of Public Health A Deeper Look into Hepatitis E Virus within South East Asia: How Various Sociocultural Factors have Created an Epidemic 2021, May
Tracy Josephine Prevention Netowrk Barriers and Access to Substance Use Disorder Treatment 2021, May
Turek Shoshana SU COVID Response Team Reverse Contact Tracing: Freshman Dorm Clusters of COVID-19 2021, May
Brown Helaina Syracuse Community Connections Unintended Teenage Pregnancy in the U.S. - Addressing the Social Determinants of Health 2020, December
Dome Amelia Reach CNY Determining the Effects of Peer-to-Peter Outreach on Prostate Cancer Screenings in Syracuse, NY 2020, December
Nolan Taylor SU COVID Response Team COVID-19 Tracing & Prevention on a University Campus 2020, December
Partigianoni Elena SUNY Upstate Cancer Center Healthcare as a Universal Right: Women in Sudan 2020, December
Pilavin Madison Better Bones Celiac Disease: A Link to Osteoporosis & Nutrient Deficiencies 2020, December
Rossi Jessica SU COVID Response Team Illicit Substance Use Discovered via Campus Wastewater 2020, December
Uy Jasmine SUNY Upstate Cancer Center The Disproportionate Effects of Glaucoma in Low-Income, Minority Communities and the Benefits of Outreach Programs 2020, December
Vazquez Gabriel Crouse Hospital Medication-Assisted Treatment(MAT) During Pregnancy 2020, December
Wan Michelle SUNY Upstate Cancer Center Breast Cancer Screening Among Somali Refugee Women 2020, December
Strautmane Digna SUNY Upstate Medical University Aquatic Therapy Outcomes Post-Stroke with Upstate Vitality Program 2020, August
Aldana Anthony FACES Program End the Epidemic: A Local HIV Program Initiative 2020, May
Alfahdawe Noor SUNY Upstate Medical University How to Manage Patients with HIV/HBV Coinfection in New York US 2020, May
Baek Christine SUNY Upstate Cancer Center A Review of Existing HPV Vaccine Policies/Interventions and Implications for Public Health Action 2020, May
Bartalotta Alexa SU Contemplative Collaborative Diversifying Mindfulness: Improving the Homogeneity of Research and Mental Healthcare 2020, May
Berlin Emily Institute for Veterans and Military Families How Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics Can Serve the Rural Veteran Population Suffering from Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders 2020, May
Bowllan Aliah Syracuse Housing Authority Reducing Bed Bug Infestation in the Syracuse Housing Authority 2020, May