Student Internship Posters

Public Health Seniors regularly present posters on research undertaken during internships within local and out-of-state organizations.

Poster Presentations

Last Name First Name Agency Title Presented
Smiga Rebecca The Allyn Foundation Sociodemographic Impacts on Unintended Pregnancies 2022, December
Vines Joanna Planned Parenthood Importance of Comprehensive Sexual Health Education: Addressing the Lack of Sexual Health Education in New York State Public Schools K-12 2022, December
Carrington Tianna Syracuse University Barnes at The Arch Disparities Impacting Low-Income College Students 2022, August
Gao Zihui Syracuse University Sustainability Management The Use of Anti-Inflammatory Vegetables to Improve Health 2022, August
Green Zane Catholic Charities of NYC Health & Housing: Housing Stability as a Social Determinant of Health 2022, August
Horan Gabriel Sarah's Guest House The Benefit of Nonprofit Healthcare for the Good of Public Health 2022, August
Muse Salma Peace, Inc. Effects of Housing Disparities: Addressing Lead Poisoning in Low-Income Housing 2022, August
Stokes Rebecca The Allyn Foundation Understanding Unintended Pregnancy through the Social Determinants of Health 2022, August
Abdelghany Reem Helio Health Racial Disparities of the HIV Epidemic and Risk Perceptions among African Americans 2022, May
Angiolillo Maria Syracuse University COVID Testing Lab The Psychological Impact of COVID-19 on Older Adults 2022, May
Bhanot Shelly Peace, Inc. A Comparison of Lead-Related Morbidities and Implications of Legislation 2022, May
Brisson Matthew Syracuse Jewish Family Services Strategies to Reducing Child Hunger in the United States 2022, May
Buttermore Jacob Syracuse University COVID Testing Center Compliance towards Mask Wearing at Syracuse University 2022, May
Carrion Audrey Govsphere, Inc. Noninvasive Alternative for Lower Back and Neck Pain: The Benefit of Strengthening the Spine 2022, May
Chiorando Skyla ACR Health Assessing Educational Interventions for Addiction Prevention in K-12 Public Schools 2022, May
Cho Grace Syracuse University Sustainability Management Land Management Utilizing Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Western Science Mitigates Science Change Benefiting the Health of the Environment and Society 2022, May
Delyea Mason Prevention Network “Investigating Access to Addiction Services in Rural Central New York Communities 2022, May
Frazier Lewis Beneath the SurFACE @ SUNY Upstate Health Disparities in HIV Vaccination 2022, May
Fridley Echo Syracuse University Wastewater Surveillance Challenges to Successfully Implementing a National COVID-19 Wastewater Surveillance Program 2022, May
Gelb Theodore Peace, Inc. The Impacts of COVID-19 on the US Economy and the Subsequent Affects on the Mental Health of Communities 2022, May
Gerity Moira Allyn Family Foundation Inadequate Housing and its Effect on Residents’ Respiratory Health 2022, May
Graham Emily Syracuse University Health Promotions at the Barnes Center The Impact of Collegiate Addiction Recovery Programs 2022, May
Gross Molly Sarah’s Guest House The Benefits of Providing Psychotherapeutic Options to Family Members of Patients With a Serious Chronic Illness Requiring Intensive In-Patient or Outpatient Treatment 2022, May
Hearn Alexandra Planned Parenthood The Use of Non-Traditional Education Methods for Sex Education in Young Adults 2022, May
Heredia Ilse Nicole Syracuse University COVID Contact Tracing Assessing the Impact of Mask Compliance and Mask Mandates on COVID-19 Rates throughout the United States 2022, May
Humphry Madison Syracuse University COVID Testing Lab Dietary Approaches to COVID-19 Prevention 2022, May
Kalaw Christopher Syracuse University Sustainability Management Leveraging Policy Solutions to Develop Best Management Practices for Green Cleaning 2022, May
Kelley Kenna Syracuse University LGBTQ Resource Center PrEP-ing the Next Generation: The Importance of Pre-exposure Prophylaxis in Awareness and Education for HIV in Modern Times 2022, May
Khan Mohamed Interfaith Works of CNY Combatting Food Insecurity in Communities of Color during COVID-19 and Implementing Effective Public Health Programs to Support Access to Healthy Foods 2022, May
Koutsos Connie Beneath the SurFACE @ SUNY Upstate Barriers to HPV Vaccination in Adolescent Males 2022, May
Martin Kennedy She/We Matter @ SUNY Upstate The Impact of Community Breast Screening Programs on Minority Women 2022, May
Mason Alicia Chadwick Residence Housing Insecurity and Cognitive Disabilities, and their Effects on Ambivalence Towards Resource Utilization 2022, May
Murray Mars Hopeprint The Role of High-Income Countries in the Management of Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD in the Refugee Population 2022, May
Nassif Michael Boys and Girls Club of Syracuse The Impact of After School Programs on Youth Outcomes 2022, May
Papantonis Athena ACR Health The Impact of Needle Exchange Programs on Population Health 2022, May
Parks Troyesha Syracuse University COVID Contact Tracing Addressing Black Grief Experiences during COVID-19 and the BLM Movement 2022, May
Pell Caroline St. Josephs Health Disparities in Prenatal Care Access for Minority Women 2022, May
Phaup Jakob Syracuse University COVID-19 Testing Center How Out-of-School Youth Programs Can Address Achievement Gaps during a Pandemic 2022, May
Rose Margaret Syracuse University Lerner Center for Health Promotion Prenatal Substance Exposure and the Implications of Collaborative Plans of Safe Care 2022, May
Saxe Abigail Syracuse University COVID Contact Tracing A Public Health Emergency: Identifying Key Practices to Reduce Transmission of Infectious Diseases 2022, May
Teru Remilekun Syracuse University COVID Testing Lab COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in African American Populations 2022, May
Thomas Alana YWCA After-School Programs as a Strategy to Reduce Involvement in Neighborhood Violence with Girls 12-17 years old 2022, May
Thomas Skylar Syracuse University COVID Testing Lab Strategies to Incentivize COVID-19 Testing 2022, May
Verdi Renée Truth Initiative Examining Trends in Tobacco Use in Youth and Young Adults to Inform Policy Change 2022, May
Weiden Emma Syracuse University COVID Contact Tracing The Impact of COVID-19 on College-Aged Students Mental Health 2022, May
Zarembok Anna-Maria Syracuse University Wastewater Surveillance Analyzing the Effectiveness of Expanding Wastewater Surveillance of SARS-CoV2 to Vulnerable Congregate Living Populations 2022, May
Abraham Kristin YWCA Effective Measures to Prevent Recurrence of Domestic Violence Among Women in Syracuse, New York 2021, December
Adams Madeleine Govsphere Inc. Veterans with Multiple Sclerosis and Physical Therapy Treatment 2021, December
Chen Abigail Public Health at Syracuse University The Association that Gender Roles have with Maternal Health Seeking Behaviors for Women in Uganda 2021, December
Deas Amber Syracuse University COVID Response The COVID-19 Pandemic: An Analysis of the Psychological and Social Impact on People in the United States 2021, December