To be a forum for in-depth and thoughtful dialogue, responsive to the needs of all stakeholders as a means of striving for excellence in field education.


  • Create a feedback loop between the School, community agencies, faculty and students to enhance integration of field education and classroom instruction.
  • Assist in identification of the learning needs of field instructors to maintain quality field education consistent with CSWE standards.
  • Be involved in recruitment of new field placement sites.
  • Provide input and support in developing field instructor training and resources.
  • Examine trends in field education that address current practice methods and issues for service delivery.

Committee Membership

The Field Advisory Committee (FAC) membership is comprised of:

  • Director of Field Education, will serve as chair of the committee
  • Director of the School of Social Work
  • MSW Director
  • BSSW Director
  • Internship Coordinators
  • Non administrative Faculty: two members
  • Students: minimum of three members representing each level in the program, BSSW, MSW foundation, MSW concentration.
    • all student representatives must be in good academic standing
    • serve one- or two-year terms dependent on the students level
    • must have a recommendation from their academic advisor or field liaison.
  • Community members: eight to ten representatives either, from area agencies, active field instructors or other stakeholders.

Community members are chosen based on interest and commitment. They represent a broad range of agency settings, diverse populations served and public and private agencies. Interested persons may apply to the chair of the FAC.

Committee Member Responsibilities

  • The committee will meet every other month during the calendar year.
  • Member attendance and participation are expected at each meeting. If a member is unable to attend, they must contact the Social Work Office Coordinator prior to the meeting.
  • Members may be asked to serve on ad hoc committees for special projects, which will be assembled as needed.
  • Members are expected to weigh all new ideas, opinions, trends from the community and offer insight and recommendations to the Office of Field Instruction.
  • Agency representatives are expected to serve three (3) year terms. Members approaching their term limit may submit a written request to the committee chairperson for an extension of the 3-year term.
  • Individuals having served two terms in a row may again serve as a member after a one (1) year period.