Field Advisory Committee


To be a forum for in-depth and thoughtful dialogue, responsive to the needs of all stakeholders as a means of striving for excellence in field education.



  • Create a feedback loop between the School, community agencies, faculty and students to enhance integration of field education and classroom instruction.
  • Assist in identification of the learning needs of field instructors to maintain quality field education consistent with CSWE standards.
  • Be involved in recruitment of new field placement sites.
  • Provide input and support in developing field instructor and continuing education materials.
  • Examine trends in field education that address current practice methods and issues for service delivery.


Committee Membership

The Field Advisory Committee (FAC) membership is comprised of:

  • the Director of Field Education, who chairs the committee,
  • the Director of the School of Social Work,
  • field office staff/internship coordinators,
  • two faculty members,
  • one BSSW and one MSW student representative in good academic standing, who serve one‐year terms. The students must have a recommendation from their academic advisor and a recommendation from a social work faculty member, field liaison or their agency field instructor.
  • Eight to ten community members representing area agencies, active field instructors or other stakeholders. Community members are chosen on the basis of interest and commitment and represent a broad range of agency placements, various training opportunities, diverse populations served and public and private agencies. Agency representatives are generally expected to serve 2 or 3 year terms, but in some cases may serve additional terms or be asked to retain membership for longer periods as executive members.

Committee Member Responsibilities

The committee meets eight times each academic year and may form adhoc committees for projects as needed. Members are expected to attend at least six meetings yearly.

Interested persons are asked to apply to the chair of the FAC and may be invited to meet with/interview with members of the FAC as part of the selection process.