Academic Advising is an area of strength and great importance within the Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics, as well as the University. All Falk College students are assigned an academic advisor and must be advised before they are permitted to register.

Advisors can be faculty involved in students’ major and area of interest. Other advisors are professional advisors who also help students learn about their academic and personal fit on campus and in the world. The advising role encompasses discussions of goals, career, study abroad, internships, personal issues, and overall student satisfaction in the College and University.

HOLDS that may prevent students from registering:

  1. Advising Hold – All students in the Falk College have an advising hold that prohibits registration on MySlice. Students MUST meet with their advisor in order to have their hold released. Faculty advisors can release advising holds by filling out an advising form. An advising hold can take up to 24 hours to release.
  2. Student Support Hold – If a student is on academic probation, they may have a student support hold. It is applied to students who have not met the requirements for probation; in particular they have not met regularly with their Student Support Counselors during probationary semesters. Students, department chairs, and academic advisors receive information about these standards (and outcomes) each semester through emails and, this website.
  3. Students may have other types of holds preventing them from registering for classes; for example, a Bursar hold, Library hold, Health Center hold, Bookstore hold, or Parking hold.

Note: Occasionally a student’s schedule is cancelled because the Bursar bill was not paid by the end of the grace period. Students whose schedules are canceled may not register until after classes begin. They may be closed out of classes for which they were originally registered, and they will be charged a late registration fee.

As usual, after Graduate students, seniors and athletes register first, followed by juniors. Sophomores and first year students have a randomized lottery for registration dates. Students should refer to their Degree Works to plan their courses.

For more information, contact the Office of Student Services, 330 Barclay Hall, (315) 443-3144,

Students can identify their advisor by going into MySlice.