Transfer Credit Information for Falk College Students

Transfer Credits

Transfer Credits

Students can petition to have courses taken elsewhere pre-approved to fulfill requirements for their SU degree by doing the following based on the information below:

  1. Students and/or their Academic Advisors should first check the TES (Transfer Equivalency System – please see description below) to determine if the course they wish to take at a particular college is listed (or to get ideas about where to take courses).
  2. If it is, they do not need to do any approval paperwork for the course. However, an official transcript must be sent to the College Recorders, (300 MacNaughton Hall, Syracuse, NY, 13244) in order for the credits to transfer to SU.
  3. If the course is not listed students must obtain a petition for transfer credits (PDF) or at 300 MacNaughton Hall (one petition per course).
    • Student and Academic Advisor fill out the form and submit it with a course description to department chair for approval signature.
    • Student submits form and course descriptions to Student Services Office in 300 MacNaughton Hall for Dean’s signature.
    • When the course is completed the student must have an unopened, official transcript mailed or hand delivered to the College Recorder in 300 MacNaughton Hall (electronic transcripts sent directly from the college/university where the course was taken will also be considered if they are determined to be valid by the College Recorders).

The following conditions must exist in order for the credits to transfer:

  1. The institution must be an accredited institution.
  2. The student must receive a grade of C or better.
  3. Unopened, official transcripts must be mailed or hand delivered (or delivered electronically per above) to 300 MacHaughton Hall for processing.
  4. No more than 66 credits can be taken at a two-year institution.
  5. Any upper division courses must be completed at a four-year institution.

Note: Grades for transfer courses have no impact on a student’s grade point average. Only credits transfer.

Transfer Evaluation System (TES)

Transfer Evaluation System (TES)

The Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics is continually looking to improve and expedite our processes for our students. We are happy to be able to provide a list of accredited institutions and those courses that have already been reviewed and approved by our college as appropriate for transfer back to SU. The Excel document linked below lists the college or university that has offered the course and how that particular course articulates within our majors in Falk. It should be noted that this is an internal document specific to our Falk majors and that transfer by a student into another home college at Syracuse University or an outside institution not does guarantee equivalency or acceptance. This list will be updated at the end of each semester.

Important information about the TES Spreadsheet

The equivalencies in the TES document have been determined by reviewing individual petitions to faculty as submitted by our FALK College students. They are a best practice reference for our college and majors. Students who transfer to another college will have their transcripts / records re-evaluated by the new college.

The spreadsheet linked below is subject to change. Please always check for an updated copy.

The Maximum number of credits allowed for transfer from any combination of 2 year schools is 66 credits. Maximum number of 90 credits may be tranferred (if degree applicable), to include 2 and 4 year schools, AP credits, IB credits, etc.

Minimum grade allowed to transfer credit back to SU is a grade of “C”. “C-” grades do not transfer (and) P/F grades only transfer with proof of grade being a “C” or better. P/F courses can only be used towards elective credits, not program requirements.

It is the student’s responsibility to request that an official transcript be sent directly to their college recorder upon completion of their course(s) taken at other institutions.

The Writing Department has made significant reductions in the classes that are now recognized as equivalent to WRT 105 and WRT 205. Any time you are going to petition for these classes to be fulfilled outside of SU, please refer to the WRT Course Substitute web page.

Questions about this document?

Contact the Falk College Recorders:
Office of Student Services
300 MacNaughton Hall, Syracuse NY 13244

For questions relating to the programs within Human Development and Family Studies, Food Studies, Marriage and Family Therapy, Social Work contact:
Lisa Dievendorf

For questions relating to the programs within Nutrition/Nutrition Science, Public Health, Sport Management/Sport Analytics contact:
Lisa Kennedy

There is no need to petition the equivalencies listed within the linked document below.

Please note: NSD 555 = NSD 354

View the Transfer Evaluation System (TES) (XLS)