Pan-cultural Perspectives on Play, Childhood Development and Early Education Webinar

Oct 30, 2020 9:45 am 12:30 pm

This virtual webinar on Pancultural Perspectives on Play, Childhood Development, and Early Education is a collaborative effort among Syracuse University, The Pennsylvania State University, and Bloomsburg University in the United States and the University of Guyana, University of Trinidad and Tobago, St George’s Medical School, Grenada, The University of the West Indies in Barbados, and Shortwood Teacher’s College, Jamaica in the Caribbean region. Primary goals are to share contemporary research on play and early childhood development and education and to discuss culture-specific perspectives on play-based early childhood education and policies in the two geographic regions.

Sponsored by Syracuse University, The Pennsylvania State University, and Bloomsburg University, USA.


Professor Jaap Doek (formerly Professor of Law, VU University in Amsterdam, Netherlands), The child has the right to play: Great! But when, where, and how?

Dr. Jaipaul Roopnarine & Dr. Ambika Krishnakumar (Syracuse University), Paternal and maternal engagement in play, storytelling, and reading and preschoolers’ literacy skills in five Caribbean countries.

Dr. Lidon Lashley & Dr. Michelle McBean (University of Guyana), The state of socio-dramatics in Guyanese early childhood settings.

Dr. Suzette Kelly (Shortwood Teachers’ College, Jamaica), Ole time sumting come back again (Jamaican creole) – Meaning – Old practices are becoming relevant again.

Dr. Sheron Burns (The University of the West Indies, Barbados), Spice up the Caribbean curriculum with play.

Dr. Krysta Murillo (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga), Exploring play-based practices in two Belizean preschools.

Dr. Lauren Orlando (St. George’s University, Grenada), Play connections to family and community.

Dr. Lenesia Joseph, (The University of Trinidad and Tobago), Disability and play development in the Caribbean context.

Dr. Suzanne Quinn, (KOMPAN Play Institute, Americas), Materials and spaces for play in the Caribbean: The culture of nature.

Dr. Michael Patte (Bloomsburg University) & Professor Colleen B. Cameron (Syracuse University) International perspectives on virtual play in the hospital setting.

Dr. Kimberly Davidson (Central Michigan University), Implicit bias in preschool teachers’ observations of play.

Dr. James E. Johnson (The Pennsylvania State University), Play evaluation: Imagination, spirituality, and faith.


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