Health and Exercise Science Learning Community (HES LC)

Open to first year health and exercise science majors, students in this LC live together in Shaw Hall, which is the hub for all STEM-related learning communities. Students share many of their first semester courses, including their first year seminar, their intro exercise science course EXE 295, their intro bio course BIO 121, and their intro writing course WRT 105. Students participate in weekly or bi-weekly study group sessions available only to the learning community. In addition, students have the ability to explore their career interests through guest speakers, lab demonstrations, and visits to various athletic and training facilities. Upper-class students have an opportunity to become Peer Mentors within the program and can earn up to 50 paid hours and may earn one credit of EXE 290 (Independent Study) toward either the fall or spring semester, dependent upon student academic credit load.

  • Open to first-year undergraduate Health and Exercise Science major students only
  • Open to selected upper-class students serving as peer mentors
  • Students register for EXE 295: Introduction to Exercise Science (3 credits), WRT 105: Practices of Academic Writing (3 credits), and EDU 101 First Year Forum (1 credit).
  • Location: Shaw Hall on the 2nd floor for the 2019-2020 academic year.

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Health and Exercise Science LC Peer Mentor Position

The Office of Learning Communities has a Peer Mentor (PM) program, open to selected upper-class students, designed to give students the opportunity to engage in a position that promotes academic success with first year Learning Community residents. Through this the PMs will support the Mission of the Office of Learning Communities by coordinating academic initiatives pertaining to their learning community.

Overall Peer Mentor Duties:

  • Academic Resource Education – Help students identify personal success goals and strategies; assist students in navigating institution academic resources such as Orange Success, Degree Works, and Blackboard; and spend a minimum of one hour a week on the LC floor, checking in with students and offering academic support.
  • Academic Programming – Facilitate the creation of and remain a resource for study groups; plan and implement two academic programs or workshops a semester, one tailored around academic resources and one around preparing for academic advising appointments; collaborate with other LC team members on programs and events as necessary
  • Academic Outreach and Support – Provide necessary referrals to campus academic support services; support students in managing their academic difficulties; training and Other Administrative duties

Health and Exercise Science LC Specific Duties:

  • Host 1 hour review sessions per week with LC students for EXE 295 and BIO 121 in the fall semester and HEA 332 and BIO 123/124 in the spring
  • Implement study groups and facilitate review sessions for EXE 295, BIO 121, BIO 123/124 and HEA 332
  • Assist the LC team in planning and executing educational events including:
    • Guest presenters (health and fitness professionals)
    • Tours (Upstate labs, IHP, HES labs)
    • Research presentations from faculty
  • Coordinate team members e-mail list
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