Exploring FIFA Video Games as a Channel to Promote Football Participation, Football Literacy, and Psychosocial Well-being

Jamie Kim (SPM) PI, Shane Sanders (SPM) co-I, Bhavneet Walia (PH) co-I, and Bong Gee Jang (SOE) co-I
Extramural Sponsored Project – The International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES), 2/1/21-1/31/22

This project is proposed to (1) investigate how FIFA video games usage is associated with football participation and psychological well-being, and (2) develop strategies to better utilize the video game series in stimulating football participation. Two survey-based studies are designed for the project, targeting adults in the U.S. and Canada. In Study 1, we compare four groups [FIFA video games usage (Y/N) x physical play in football (Y/N)] on their football enjoyment/involvement and physical and mental health. In Study 2, we focus on those who only play football online, and introduce/test the concept of ‘football literacy’ as a mediator explaining the football participatory effects of playing FIFA video game series.