Faculty and Supervisor Demographics

Analysis of the SUMFT faculty demographics indicates that SUMFT faculty composition is diverse across the spectrum of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, gender and sexual identification, and socioeconomic status. The age range of faculty is from 30 to over 60; faculty identify with different ethnic/racial groups; faculty identify with different religious orientations; there are male, female, gender queer and LGBTQ faculty in the department.

Core Faculty (Total = 8 responses out of 8):

  • 88 % White/Caucasian; 12% South Asian
  • 50% Christian; the rest identify as Agnostic, Atheist, and Other
  • 75% Cisgender female; 12% Cisgender male, 12% Transman
  • 38% Identify as belonging to LBGTQ communities
  • Predominantly identify as Middle SES

Faculty Supervisors in the PhD Program (n = 6):

  • 83% identify as White/Caucasian; 17% as Asian-Indian
  • 67% identify as cisgender woman; 17% as cisgender man; and 17% as non-binary
  • 50% identify as belonging to the LGBTQ community
  • 33% identify as Christian, 33% as spiritual, 17% as Jewish, and 17% as Agnostic
  • 83% identify as belonging to middle SES, and 17% as high SES.

Site Supervisors (Total = 7 responses out of 13):
Of the site supervisors who responded to the survey, most identified as Cisgender female, White/Caucasian, and Christian.

Masters Student Demographics

The SUMFT masters student composition is also diverse across the spectrum of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, gender and sexual identification, and socioeconomic status. Based on analysis of survey data, in the last five years, 61% of our students were from New York State and the rest were from 24 different states and nine different countries include China, Jamaica, Taiwan, and South Korea. They have varied academic backgrounds and clinical interests at the time of admission.

A total of 36 students (72% of all students) responded to the demographic survey:

  • Majority of the students were between the ages of 20 -40 years of age.
  • 61% of students identified as White/Caucasian and 11% as Asian. Others identified as Hispanic, Latinx, Black, Middle Eastern, African, Multi-racial or South Asian.
  • 44% of students identified as Christian and 17% as Agnostic. Others identified as Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, or No religion.
  • 81% students identified as female. Others identified as transgender, Other, male, or preferred not to say.
  • 11% of students identified as belonging to the LGBTQ community.
  • 81% of students identified as middle SES and 19% as low SES.

PhD Student Demographics

Between 2015 – 2020, 10 students began in the PhD program. Below are the student demographics based on 10 responses:

  • The age range was 20 – 40 years.
  • 40% as White/Caucasian; 30% identified as Black/African American; 10% as mixed race; 10% as Asian American; and 10% as Asian.
  • 70% identified as female; 20% as male; and 10% as transgender.
  • 30% identified as belonging to the LGBTQ community.
  • 50% identified as Christian, 20% as Agnostic, 10% as Atheist, and 10% as Other.
  • 60% as middle SES; 30% reported as lower; and 10% as high socioeconomic class.
  • 10% reported a disability.