Top Ten FAQ’s for Newly Admitted Graduate Students


Your Decision: Is there a deadline to submit my decision? How do I do that?

Upon admission, you will receive a Graduate Admission Packet via email, which includes your Intent to Register (ITR) form. To accept or decline, you must fill out the ITR and either scan or email it to the address outlined on the form.

While you may need time to weigh your options, the earlier we receive your acceptance, the sooner you will start receiving departmental information. We will continue to take Intent to Register forms into early summer. If offered departmental financial aid, you will have a set date to return your ITR form.


Tuition: How much is tuition and the cost of attendance?

See the cost of attendance for an outline of estimated expenses.


Financial aid: What kind of financial aid is available? Should I fill out the FAFSA form?

Graduate students are eligible to apply to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  For more information on FAFSA and other FA opportunities, visit the Graduate Student Aid page.


Scholarships: Do you award scholarships and how do I find out if I am eligible?

Falk College offers merit aid in the form of scholarships and assistantships. These are partial awards in an effort to spread as much aid to as many candidates as possible.  By submitting an application, you are eligible to be considered for a departmental award. The department will consider you for scholarships during the application review process.


Housing: Is there housing available?

Due to limited availability of University housing, all new graduate students must find accommodations off-campus. We recommend that you review the Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services website before you begin your off-campus housing search. They will give tips on signing a lease and neighborhood information.  Please note Syracuse University does not offer recommendations or endorsements.  This list is provided for your convenience only.

Near campus all-inclusive housing facility with preference given to SU students:
Aspen Heights
Campus West
Copper Beech Commons
Creekwalk Commons
Park Point
Skylar Commons
University Village Apartments
U Point

Listings of available properties near campus:
Orange Housing

Additional listings:
Apartment Finder
Syracuse Classifieds
University Area Apartments


Registering: When do I register for classes and when do classes begin?

You will register for classes via your MySlice account. Your department will advise you on which classes to register for.

Students admitted to:
Summer 2017: Register After January 14, 2017*, classes start July 3, 2017
Fall 2017: Register After August 1, 2017*, classes start August 28, 2017

*Please check with your department for start dates, course selections and orientation.


Transcripts: When do I need to send in official transcripts?

All matriculated students will need to submit an official degree-bearing transcript by the end of their first semester. See Graduate Admission Transcript Requirement for more information. Please note any student receiving federal financial aid will need to submit their certification prior to receiving their funds.


Deferring: How can I defer my admission, if I need to?

You are eligible to defer one time, within one year.  To make the request to defer send an email to the admissions office at  Please note any merit aid awarded will not be deferred.


International: As an international student, when do I need to submit my financial statement?

You will need to provide financial proof from a bank or financial institution that demonstrates your ability to pay for, without dependents, your first year of study in a graduate program. You can provide this documentation either at the time of application or after you have been admitted. If we receive your documentation with your application and you are ultimately admitted to the program, you will be able to officially matriculate without delay once you send in your “intent to register” form, notifying us of your decision to accept admission. If we have not received your financial documentation, you will be “conditionally” admitted, pending receipt of that documentation.  Upon its receipt, you will be fully admitted and able to matriculate.  In other words, sending the financial documentation at the time of application may expedite your ability to matriculate, but either way is acceptable. For more information, visit Syracuse University’s page on admission requirements for international students.


Other Questions: If I have other questions, who can I contact?

Admissions Office
Graduate Admissions Counselor: Debbie Golia

Addiction Studies
Program Coordinator: Dr. Dessa Bergen-Cico
Administrative Assistant: Judi Emmi

Child and Family Studies
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Rachel Razza
Administrative Assistant: Kathy Rainone

Food Studies
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Anne Bellows
Administrative Assistant: Jennifer Hurley

Global Health
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Brooks Gump
Administrative Assistant: Judi Emmi

Marriage and Family Therapy
Department Chair: Professor Thom deLara
Administrative Assistant: Beth Ciciarelli

Public Health
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Brooks Gump
Administrative Assistant: Judi Emmi

Graduate Program Director: Dr. Lynn Brann
Administrative Assistant: Donna Sparkes

Social Work
Coordinator of Admissions and Recruitment: Adrienne Renfroe
Administrative Assistant: Laura Brown

Sport Venue and Event Management
Graduate program director: Dr. Jeffrey Pauline
Administrative Assistant: Kathryn Tunkel