Forms & Information

Undergraduate forms and information

Undergraduate academic forms are available at the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics, Office of Student Services, 300 MacNaughton Hall. Students are reminded to not wait until the last minute to have forms signed, as faculty may not be available. Deadlines for filing academic forms can be found on the Academic Calendar.

Falk College Office of Student Services forms page
Syracuse University Community College Transfer Partnerships

Graduate forms and information

2017-2018 Graduate Handbook (PDF)
Continuing Credits (GRD 998 Doctoral Students) Form (PDF)
Continuing Credits (GRD 998 Masters Students) Form (PDF)
Full-Time Status Certification Form (PDF)
Graduate Program Plan Transfer Form (PDF)
Graduate Program of Study Form (PDF)
Graduate Student Travel Award Application>
Graduate Student Travel Request (PDF)
Graduate Research Methods Courses (PDF)
Graduate Transfer Elective Credit Petition Form (PDF)
Petition to the Faculty for Graduate Transfer Credits (PDF)
Internal Admission Application-Graduate* (PDF)
Request for Examination (PDF)
CV Template (PDF)


Prior Years Graduate Student Handbooks

All handbooks are PDF

2007 & Prior Years

*The Internal Admission Application-Graduate form is meant for use by graduate students who are currently enrolled or have other graduate degrees from Syracuse University.