At the undergraduate level, students in nutrition/dietetics prepare to work in a variety of health and health promotion fields, many as registered dietitians. In nutrition science, students study the biological and physical sciences, and prepare to work for major food or pharmaceutical companies, or to pursue post-graduate work in medicine, dentistry, education, or health care.

At the graduate level, students study the theory and application of nutrition science and prepare for research, teaching, or practice in clinical, community, corporate, government, or educational settings.

Graduates of the nutrition and nutrition science programs are prepared for positions in hospitals, health care institutions, assisted living facilities and community nutrition agencies as well as being prepared for graduate education. Employment of dietitians continues to grow with the increased emphasis on disease prevention through improved dietary habits. Public interest in nutrition, a growing and aging population, the childhood obesity epidemic and increased emphasis on health education and healthy lifestyles continue to spur demand for dietitians.