State-of-the-art facilities

Housed within the Nutrition Science and Dietetics program is the College’s Nutrition Assessment, Consultation and Education (ACE) Center, a new hands-on learning laboratory to prepare students with traditional and emerging professional competencies critical to effective nutrition practice. It includes two lecture halls, one with a demonstration kitchen and one with a teaching station; two small private consultation rooms; a physical assessment room, and; a small conference room with a large media screen.

The Center’s counseling and physical assessment rooms are equipped with two teaching mannequins, a tube feeding placement simulator, wall-mounted stadiometers and electronic scales, pediatric measuring equipment with several multi-ethnic infant mannequins, electronic blood pressure monitors, a lactation education baby, and a variety of new food models.

In the ACE Center, students will practice nutrition-focused physical examinations on a new patient simulator. The new facilities will allow for unlimited opportunities for direct practice with indirect calorimetry to measure how many calories someone is utilizing, instead of estimations that use imperfect mathematical equations. Additional enhancements to student learning include class experiences measuring body composition with the BOD POD® testing system used extensively in university and medical facilities, the military and health and wellness settings to track body composition.

Our Experimental Foods Laboratory is a full culinary arts kitchen that showcases sophisticated teaching technologies and provides students with the opportunity to learn food preparation and food science associated with culinary techniques.