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Syracuse University’s Master of Science degree in Sport Venue and Event Management (SVEM) provides students with a specific knowledge and skill base in managing and operating sport and entertainment facilities and events.

Hundreds of broad-based sport management master programs exist that provide students with an overview of content across a number of topic areas. The problem with such a model is that students in these graduate programs may not get the focused specialization in any one area they need to successfully launch their sport industry careers. Syracuse University’s Master of Science degree in Sport Venue and Event Management (SVEM) was designed uniquely to provide students with a specific knowledge and skill base in managing and operating sport and entertainment facilities and events. If you have a career interest in this area, here is why the SVEM program may be the perfect platform to launch your career in sports venues and events. Our curriculum is designed to provide a set of courses focused on the management and operations of facilities and events in the realm of sports and entertainment. If you are seeking a career in areas such as stadium/arena management, events production and programming, and venue food, beverage, and hospitality, you will not find an educational program better served to educate you on this area of the industry. Additionally, you will find that SVEM coursework consistently contains theory-to-practice elements where students apply concepts learned in the classroom to actual industry settings in a hands-on manner. Each SVEM annual cohort benefits from a small class size, allowing a dynamic interactive learning environment. Throughout the curriculum, students work frequently in teams to collaborate on industry-based projects. Outside the classroom, students benefit from small faculty-to-student ratios in advising and mentoring opportunities. This attention also extends far beyond the year on campus in our program, as our students are forever members of the Syracuse University family and proud alumni of the SVEM program and David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics. SU’s Department of Sport Management possesses one of the largest and strongest faculties in the world. Faculty in the SVEM program have an ideal combination of industry experience, scholarship background, and content area expertise to provide students with excellent teaching and mentoring. Learn more about faculty in Sport Management

Sample Courses

Courses center around sport finance, accounting and budgeting; sport event and hospitality management; organizational theory; sport law and legal operations management; technology and information delivery systems; facilities and venue management; communications; and event planning operations and management. Master students can select electives from the iSchool, Newhouse School, and the Whitman School spanning numerous topics including (but not limited to) digital advertising, media law, new media business, operations management, social media in the enterprise, marketing, and supply chain management.

  • Foundations of Sport Venue and Event Management
  • Sport Event and Hospitality Management
  • Sport Facilities Management
  • Marketing of Sport Venues and Events
  • Financial Management of Sport Facilities and Events
  • Game Day Operations
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What Our Students Are Saying

Kamille Cooper portrait

Kamille Cooper, ’21

The Syracuse University Sport Venue and Event Management (SVEM) Master is an exceptional yet challenging introduction into the sports industry. From the time I arrived at SU to my graduation, I was encouraged to network with sports professionals, shadow and learn from amazing faculty and staff, and see the inner-workings of major events at SU’s on-campus Carrier Dome. I realized early on that this program gives back everything you put into it and then some; the more willing you are to put in extra work, the more rewarding relationships and experiences you will have. Each course provided me with valuable knowledge and hands-on experience that was culminated by our thesis equivalent and the first virtual symposium in program history, titled “More Than A Game.” This event was by far the most valuable aspect of the SVEM program in terms of skill application and community service, where we raised more than $4,000 to promote mental health awareness in collegiate athletics. Now, in my post-graduate career as a Conference Coordinator for the National Diversity Council, I find myself continuously referring to work I completed during the SVEM program. Although the COVID-19 pandemic brought much uncertainty to my life, my decision to attend Syracuse University for this program is not one I regret.

Our Facilities

Falk College’s Milton Conrad Technology Lab doubles as a student classroom and computer lab that meets the latest programming trends in event and sport venue operations, and provides students live game-day production experiences. Students train to operate live events using equipment identical to what is found at major sport venues, such as ribbon boards and a scoreboard systems controller.

Experiential Learning

SVEM students have the opportunity to take part in experiential learning trips to Philadelphia, Boston, and Lake Placid. Students meet with industry professionals to gain first-hand knowledge of what it is like to work in sport venues and events. Graduate students are then required to complete 9 credits of Practicum work outside the classroom in order to obtain their degree. This can be done in multiple aspects of the sport industry across the world.

What’s Next

Students who complete a Master of Science in Sport Venue and Event Management are well-prepared to pursue a job in the sport venue and event management industry or apply to Ph.D. programs in Sport Management with a specialization in sport venues and events.


SVEM faculty and staff emphasize the importance of career planning from the first days of the program’s start each summer. This one-year program goes by quickly and students are pushed to maximize every chance to take advantage of opportunities provided. Early in the program, students are encouraged to explore different career opportunities related to sports venues and events, but our philosophy is that students should identify a specific area of interest and work with our faculty and staff to execute a plan toward pursuing that career path. Ultimately, our SVEM philosophy is that the student must take ownership of their own individual career pursuit, and our role as the program, faculty, and staff is to work alongside students in that pursuit using a combination of teaching, advising, mentoring, and leveraging industry connections to assist students in their quest for fruitful careers related to sports venues and events. Some of the specific activities built into the program toward facilitating students’ career development include networking events, immersion trips, career matching, and workshops on areas such as resumes, salary negotiation, and networking. If your career aspirations are focused on sport facilities and events, we believe you’ll find no program better able to educate, mentor, and assist you in launching your career in these areas. Please find information below about the admissions process and on contacting us for more information.

Getting Admitted

The admissions requirements for this program include:

  • undergraduate degree with a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA
  • TOEFL scores (for international applications)
  • undergraduate transcripts
  • three letters of recommendation
  • a resume and personal statement
  • video interview

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