Internship Experiences as a HDFS Undergraduate

All undergraduate HDFS majors are provided with both in-class and a field experience which delivers a more comprehensive understanding of children and families related to organizations such as schools, social service agencies and community settings. All HDFS majors must complete a 180-hour internship scheduled over two semesters. Part of this internship experience is devoted to exploring the professional roles and behaviors that characterize work in the human service field and developing an applied internship project. Students begin their required internship in the junior year. Students with a junior class status will be notified that they need to submit an application for placement. Once this application has been completed and submitted you will be contacted to come in to discuss your placement options with one of the HDFS Internship Coordinators. Click on the link below to start your application.

Application for Placement

Where do HDFS students engage in internship placements?
Area agencies and organizations where HDFS students have worked as volunteers and interns include:

ACR Health
Bernice M. Wright Lab School
Boys and Girls Club
Center for Court Innovation
Elmcrest Children’s Center
Golisano Children’s Hospital
Jowonio School
McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center
Mother’s Choice (Hong Kong)
SUNY Upstate Medical University
Syracuse City School District
The Salvation Army
Vera House
YWCA Syracuse & Onondaga County

Practicum for Master Students

MA students are expected to work in service or agency settings on applied research projects approved by their faculty committees. Applied work can include assisting an agency to plan or implement a program for families/children at a national or international agency, such as the Children’s Defense Fund, Head Start, or a childcare agency.

Skill Sets Students Develop in Internships

Observation and Assessment skills
Applied Research skills
Program Development skills
Needs Assessment and Evaluation skills
Evidence Based Practices and Models Development skills
Nonprofit Survey Development skills
Application of Theory to Practice skills
Nonprofit Marketing and Development skills
Data Collection skills
Instruments Development Skills
Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis skills
Statistical Software SPSS skills
Grant Writing skills
Program and Agency Marketing skills
Culturally-Developmentally Appropriate Practice skills
Developmentally Appropriate Knowledge Application skills
Reflective Practice Application skills
Human Services skills
Parent/Family Engagement skills
Interdisciplinary Approach Application skills in solving issues across diverse life settings
Professional skills trained in cultural/ecological framework in applying multiple perspectives to solve child and family issues