Emeritus & Retired Faculty

The David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics has strong roots in Syracuse University history. In addition to its seven academic units of the present day, its disciplines-and the dedicated faculty members whose commitments built a very strong foundation-span many critical areas important to our students and the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics.

Our Esteemed Professors Emeritus

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Retired Faculty & Professional Staff

Timothy G. Barr, Public Health, Food Studies and Nutrition

Peg Miller, Director of Field Instruction, School of Social Work

Katherine Benzel

Phyllis L. Blumberg

Frederick A. Bobenhausen

George E. Bodine

Jean Bowering

Ona Cohn Bregman

Thomas L. Briggs

Carol A. Brooks

Kay B. Buschle

Grace Harlow Chickadonz

Barbara M. Costa

Susan J. Crockett

Irene DiFlorio

Trudy A. Dody

Patricia A. Duncan

Elizabeth G. Essman

H. Kenneth Fitzgerald

Thetis M. Group

Ken Hardy

Barbara Lee Harris

Kim D. Jaffee

Sally Kinsey

Bruce W. Lagay

Rosemary E. Lape

Donald Lawitts

Janet Grant Leeb

Jane M. Lillestol, College for Human Development

Harlan London

Bill Lott, School of Social Work

Eleanor D. Macklin

Beverly B. Martin

Cecilia F. Mulvey

Myron J. Musell

J. Evelyn Osborne

Thomas Pastorello, Jr.

Frances M. Penalis

Bobbie Jean Perdue

Robert S. Pickett

William L. Pollard

Charlotte M. Raphaelson

Nancy M. Rissler, Department of Public Health, Food Studies & Nutrition

Claire S Rudolph

Thomas J. Schur, LCSW-R, ACSW, LMFT

Margaret K. Snowman

Constance H. Timberlake

Pirkko Turkki

Kay Moeckly Wiggins

Ruth L. Wynn

Helen Guley Zabinski