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First Term Enrollment Selections

Fall 2017 Registration Information for New Students

We’re thrilled you’ve accepted our offer to join us as a new Syracuse University Falk College student! If you haven’t already done so, please visit our website for first-year and transfer students, known as ReadySet to help make your transition to Syracuse University successful and smooth. Soon you will be submitting your academic interests and preferences to Falk College’s Office of Student Services on your First-Term Enrollment Selections to create your Fall 2017 schedule. The term, ‘First-Term Enrollment Selections,’ or ‘FTES’ refers to our registration system for first-year and transfer students. Please note the following:

For First-Year Students:

  • First-Term Enrollment Selections will be available beginning May 22nd by logging into MySlice with your NetID and password.
  • June 15th is the deadline to submit your First Term Enrollment Selections.
  • Based on the information you provide during this process, your Fall 2017 schedule will be available on MySlice beginning August 1st.

For Transfer Students:

  • After matriculating, you will receive an email from informing you about academic advising and registration.
  • Once you have received course advising, the department will then email Student Services and you will be enrolled in your courses beginning in mid-July.
  • Transfer students can contact one of our student services counselors, with any questions, at (315) 443-3144. Please indicate you are a transfer student.
  • Your Fall 2017 schedule will be available on MySlice beginning August 1st.
  • For more information on transferring credits to fulfill the requirements of your SU degree, visit the Transfer Credits page under Academic Advising.

Falk College’s Office of Student Services can answer questions on the First-Term Enrollment process and those not on the Ready Set website. Contact us weekdays at 1–800–295–1241, May 22nd – June 15th, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m., (Eastern Standard Time). After June 15th contact Student Services at (315) 443-3144.

We look forward to seeing you on campus this fall!

Please note: Check your SYR.EDU email address regularly or you will risk missing important Registration and Orientation information.

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

Steps to take prior to completing your First Term Enrollment Selections (FTES)

Step 1:

Activate your NET ID and Password

Step 2:

Take the Mathematics Placement Examination
All students must take the Mathematics Placement Examination.

Take your time on the exams. The placement test contains about 50 questions and should take about an hour, although it can take less time to complete. If you need to take a break you can save your progress and come back to it. Once you’ve completed all of the questions submit the exam and your placement will be generated.

*Note: even if you do not plan to take a math course your first semester, you are required to take the math placement exam.

Step 3:

Take the Language Placement Examination
If you plan to take a Language in the fall you will need to take the language Placement Examination.

Step 4:

Gather Information About AP, IB, SUPA and/or Transfer Credits.
Information on any Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate Course Equivalency (IB), Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA), and Transfer credits that you have taken or anticipate taking over the summer will be relevant to your course selections.

Course Selection

Course Selection

Students typically take between 15 to 17 credits in the first semester comprised of required courses, liberal arts electives and general electives. Below you will find a list of required courses for students to take in their first semester based on each of our majors. We recommend enrolling in at least 15 credits to start, so you will take liberal arts courses and electives to add to your required courses. If you find that you need to increase or reduce your course load, you can discuss your concerns with your advisors.

Required Courses

* Based on your major, you will be required to take the following courses in your first semester unless receiving AP, IB, SUPA or transfer credit for a requirement.

To view courses for your major simply click on the major below.

All Students
HSH 101 First-Year Gateway (1 credit) – An introduction to the College and the University. Diverse topics, relevant readings, and writings with discussion groups. Emphasis placed on transition to college and personal development.
WRT 105 Studio 1: Practices of Academic Writing (3 credits) – Study and practice of writing processes, including critical reading, collaboration, revision, editing, and the use of technologies. Focuses on the aims, strategies, and conventions of academic prose, especially analysis and argumentation.

Special Categories

Instructions for Special Categories

Learning Communities

If you have applied to participate in a Learning Community, it may have one or more required courses. You will be enrolled in these classes automatically.

Renée Crown University Honors Program

If you have been admitted to the Renée Crown University Honors Program, please refer to the special, supplemental online registration information on your FTES page. Please wait to make your final selection of courses until you read this material. If you have questions about selecting Honors courses, you can call an Honors advisor (Hanna Richardson, Karen Hall or Kate Hanson) at 1–800–295–2537 Monday through Thursday from 9:00am-4:00pm.


If you are planning to participate in SummerStart, you must still complete and submit the fall First Term Enrollment Selections as requested. You must also submit your placement examinations. For SummerStart you will be contacted via your SU email account or phone by an advisor who will assist you with summer course registration. For a general overview of courses available during SummerStart.

Pre-Health Program

If you are thinking about a profession in the medical field, it is important that you begin working on the pre-health program during your first semester. Since the pre-health program requires in-depth work in the sciences, we encourage you to call us at 1–800–295–1241 for more information. Please ask to speak with an advisor.

Syracuse University Marching Band (SUMB) “The Pride of the Orange.”

If you are interested in participating in “The Pride of the Orange,” Syracuse University Marching Band, please contact the band office at 315-443-2194 or email Fran Moore at you have informed the band office of your interest in the SUMB, then no other action is needed. All members are required to attend band camp the week before classes begin. Rehearsals averaging six hours per week (three evenings, two hours each) occur during the fall semester with additional rehearsals during game week. You are required to register for Marching Band (ENI 510) for one credit. If you are at a maximum credit load, your college will contact the band office for consent.

Find the Special Categories area on the Course Selection Sheet. Under SUMB, mark an X in the appropriate box.

Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

The Army ROTC meets for two academic hours, two leadership lab hours and three physical fitness hours each week, and the Air Force meets for three academic and three physical fitness hours each week. Army ROTC program consists of a combination of credit and non-credit courses. Air Force ROTC courses can be taken for credit or noncredit. Army ROTC offers merit based scholarships that pay for full tuition and fees at Syracuse, as well as monthly stipends. Air Force ROTC also offers merit-based scholarships that pay for full or partial tuition and fees, and gives each recipient a monthly stipend. In addition, all Army and Air Force ROTC scholarship winners receive an annual $9,500, a full Room & Board Leadership Award, from the University that can be applied to their room and board fees. For more information please call 1-800-295-7456 or check the Airforce ROTC website and Army ROTC website.

If you are participating in ROTC please select this on page 1 of the First Term Enrollment Selections. Mark an X in the appropriate box, either Air Force or Army.

College Credits

If you expect to receive Advanced Placement examination credit, Syracuse University Project Advance credit, or transfer credit make sure to include this on your FTES. If you have not yet submitted your transfer credit please send directly to:

David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics
Syracuse University
Office of the Recorders
300 MacNaughton Hall,
Syracuse, New York 13244-1030

Information on AP, IB and CLEP exam scores
Information on transferring credits to fulfill the requirements of your SU degree

What's Next

What’s Next

What happens after you submit your final First Year Enrollment Selections (FTES) form online?

  • Mid July- academic counselors in Falk College begin to create student schedules based on the information provided in the FTES forms.
  • August 1st – schedules and advisor information will be available to view on MySlice. Schedule changes cannot be made until students arrive on campus.
  • August 23rd and 24th – First year students move in. WELCOME TO SU!
  • August 26th – First opportunity to meet with peer advisors and academic advisors and, if necessary, to make schedule changes. Please see our list of Opening Weekend events.
  • August 28th – First day of class
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