Students who are studying abroad must document their choice of courses and determine how they will count (humanities, social sciences, major requirements, etc.) with their Academic Advisor. They will use the Program of Study form in their Study Abroad packet for this documentation. Students abroad who are planning on returning to SU for the next semester should also receive advising (usually through electronic communication) so they can register for courses at the regular time.

Explore study opportunities abroad with Falk College. From evaluating health in South Asia to experiencing Mediterranean food, culture and health in Italy, students will have the chance to delve into topics of interest while experiencing cultures across the world.

Review opportunities listed below or search the SU Abroad site for opportunities by program.

Short-Term Programs

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Mediterranean Food, Culture and Health

Experience one of the most renowned cuisines in the world from a food systems level to dietary patterns and health risks.

Semester: Spring
Location: Syracuse, NY; Italy – Bologna, Florence, Tuscany, Maremma, and Modena
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Australia: Sport, History, and Culture

This program offers unique opportunities for students interested in a rich cultural exchange and fascinating historical exploration, all mixed with Australian’s passionate love for sport.

Semester: Summer – Short Term
Location: Australia – Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns
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South Asian Culture

Family, Food, and Health Care Systems

Explore the South Asian culture; sample and experience the regional and religious diversity through lectures, films/documentaries, readings, and a cultural immersion trip.

Semester: Fall – Short Term
Location: India – Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi
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Olympic Odyssey

Explore the history of the ancient and modern Olympic Games and their influence on modern sports through first-hand exploration of Olympics sites.

Semester: Summer
Location: Athens, Greece; Lausanne, Switzerland; London, United Kingdom; Paris, France

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Mount Everest Base Camp

Join a 3-week research and teaching expedition to the foot of the highest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest in Nepal! Learn how the human body responds to high altitudes and participate in research projects.

Semester: Summer
Location: Nepal

Semester Programs

Exterior photo of Florence Center

Florence Italy Center

For hundreds of years, Florence has remained a perpetual fountain of creativity and intellectual thought. The city is bursting with architectural and artistic masterpieces waiting to be explored. In addition, you’ll find a city that’s fast becoming an international hub for European politics, business, and international education. Expect to be deeply engaged with your studies and host culture.

Semester: Fall, Spring, Summer
Location: Florence, Italy
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Santiago Chile Center

This opportunity is perfect for students who have an advanced level of the Spanish language. The center is strategically located, with easy access to the Pacific coast and the Andes mountains, Santiago offers plenty to experience. In the near vicinity there are vineyards, ski slopes, mountain hiking trails, beaches and small rural towns that provide a fascinating contrast to the bustling capital city. Below are opportunities for Falk College students at Santiago:

HDFS – About Children & Adolescents: Development & Rights Perspective
Get a comprehensive view of the major developmental milestones from conception to adolescence with the integration of a human rights perspective.

NSD – Food and Nutrition
Explore factors influencing food and nutrition and understand the value of incorporating healthy diet as part of their lifestyle.

NSD – Communication and Education in Feeding and Nutrition
Develop campaigns and communication programs designed to get results in behavioral changes, habits and healthy lifestyles.

SWK – Social Work and Family
Develop family evaluation and intervention techniques; understanding the different elements that are important for working with families and understanding family strengths.

Semester: Fall, Spring
Location: Santiago, Chile
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A view of London bridge

London Summer Session

HDFS – Youth and Family Practicum, The Global Workplace:
Students will be introduced to the global workplace, consider evolving careers in a changing world, identify ethical and practical issues of concern for businesses and workers, and refine their professional objectives and strategies.

SPM – Sports in the UK:
Explore a wide range of issues in the field of sports, particularly those relating to U.K. and European sport.

Semester: Summer
Location: London
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New study abroad programs are offered to students regularly through one of Syracuse University’s Centers around the world or through our partner organizations, to view a listing of all the current opportunities by major visit the links below.