Student Organizations within Falk College

With over 300 recognized student organizations, Syracuse University offers a wide variety of involvement opportunities. Falk College has many student organizations within our majors. Click on the tabs below to learn more about each opportunity.

Peer Advisors

Peer Advising Program

What is the Peer Advising Program?

The primary job of a Falk College Peer Advisor is to offer support to incoming first-year and transfer students understand as they transition into college life. The Peer Advisor contacts their advisees (usually 8-10 students) in the summer and then meets with their group of advisees during Syracuse Welcome Weekend in the Fall. After that, Peer Advisors are asked to be available to their advisees as needed, especially during their first semester of study here.

Peer Advisors will also assist with at least one other Falk College Student Services Office event in the fall and spring semesters. They may help with the various meetings and activities during Syracuse Welcome-New Student Orientation, give small group campus tours, assist with Home College Experience, participate in Family Weekend, and help with group advising/schedule adjustments.

There are orientation/training sessions for Peer Advisors before they go home for the summer, during the summer and immediately before the start of the Fall semester.

Why do it?

For students that want to become Peer Advisors, their primary motivation is that they enjoy helping other students. As added motivation, they know that this type of leadership, while in college, impresses potential employers and admission committees at graduate schools.

What are the qualifications?

The first criterion is a genuine desire to help others, even when it isn’t always convenient. Another is the willingness to be available for the entire academic year in the Peer Advisor role. While the major part of the load is during those first few weeks, there are additional tasks at other times throughout the year.

We also require that you be in good academic and judicial standing. Trainings will be held online asynchronously over the summer and in-person. You must be able to be on campus the Wednesday before classes start for the Fall semester for a MANDATORY Peer Advisor Training session and then your meeting with your advisees will be the Saturday, before classes begin. These trainings are mandatory and required in order to be a Falk College Peer Advisor.

(We help with your early entrance into housing and arrange for free meal swipes).

How do I apply?

Click on the application link below, complete the application and it will automatically be submitted to the Falk Peer Advisor Coordinators.

If you have any questions regarding the Peer Advising Program, please email Amy Friers at or Melissa Tobin at

Applications must be submitted by 5:00pm on Monday, February 19, 2024.

2024-2025 Falk Peer Advisor Application (

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassador Program

Falk College is always looking for high achieving and highly active students to be part of our ambassador program. The Falk Ambassadors assist our Admissions Office staff with important recruitment activities during the year. Ambassadors provide assistance at all of the Falk College open houses, give tours of our facilities and provide the student perspective at our special events throughout the year. There are training sessions for ambassadors at the beginning of each semester.

What are the qualifications?

The first criterion is a genuine desire to help others. We also require that you be in good academic and judicial standing. Otherwise, the most important qualification is that you represent Falk College as yourself… active, happy citizen of our college!

How do I join?

At the beginning of each semester, we send an email to the Falk student listserve. We ask that you fill out the availability sheet for the semester and then we schedule you for events based on your schedule. Students average three or four events per semester.

Are there any perks?

Yes! This type of leadership activity is what employers and graduate schools look for in prospective hires and graduate students. They like to see that you’ve taken the initiative and have gone out of your way to help others. The ambassador program provides additional opportunities to network with faculty and staff at Falk College. And did we mention that you get a really cool Falk shirt to wear during events?

If you have any questions about the Falk Ambassador Program please contact Falk Admissions at 315-443-5555 or email

Exercise Science

Exercise Science Groups


WHEEL Club was formed in order to bring people with common interests in Wellness, Health, and Exercise together so they could expand their knowledge of possible career paths and benefit the surrounding community through education and services in health-related fields. WHEEL Club events have included kickball tournaments, meditation sessions, tours of Manley Field House (one of Syracuse University’s athletic facilities), and community service opportunities. The club brings in several guest speakers each semester with exercise-based and health care occupations to speak about their professions, run activities, and lecture about topics of interest. Recent speakers have had backgrounds in exercise science, strength and conditioning, nutrition, occupational therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic, athletic training, stress management, and more.

Learn more about WHEEL

Nutrition & Food Studies

Food Studies & Nutrition Groups

Nutrition Education and Promotion Association (N.E.P.A.)

The Nutrition Education and Promotion Association, or N.E.P.A., is a student-run organization that actively promotes health and wellness on campus and in the community through education and activities that involve nutrition awareness. The organization is active in many local service projects and is currently working with local soup kitchens, and community organizations.

Learn more about NEPA

Slow Food

A local chapter of the Slow Food Movement, Slow Food SU is a community of students who believe food should be good, clean and fair. We are a group that celebrates sustainable, local food and cooking, tradition and culture, and diversity. On campus we plan to provide opportunities for members to cook and eat together as a community, get involved in community efforts that align with our mission, and provide a safe place where all students can congregate to explore and celebrate food.

Learn more about Slow Food

Social Work

Social Workers United

The student organization, Social Workers United, aims to connect the graduate and undergraduate students with the faculty and staff in order to better service the school, students, and the community. SWU is involved in numerous programs throughout the year focused on social justice, advocacy and civic engagement. We hope to provide an information network, which will connect students with various opportunities within the university, the School of Social Work, and the broader community. Open to all undergraduate and graduate social work students. For more information, contact the School of Social Work at 315-443-5550.

Sport Management

Sport Management Groups

The Sport Management department hosts multiple student organizations including:
Baseball Statistics and Sabermetrics Club
Basketball Analytics Club
Football Analytics Club
Hockey Analytics Club
Sales Club
Soccer Analytics Club
Sport Management Club
Sport Professionals of Color
Sport Venue and Event Management (SVEM) Club
Women in Sports and Events

Learn more about these Sport Management clubs.