Student Rights, Academic Integrity & Grievance Policies

Academic Integrity Guidance

Faculty who are considering reporting an academic integrity violation refer to the Center for Learning and Student Success for more information.

It is strongly recommended that the instructor discusses the matter with the student as part of the investigation process. Once an instructor has determined a violation has likely occurred, the matter must be referred to his or her school/college’s Academic Integrity Coordinator, Dr. Eileen Lantier, Senior Associate Dean for Academics within five business days.

Students can be referred to Syracuse University’s Academic Integrity Policies for information on the Academic Integrity Process.

If students have questions or need direction regarding the Academic Integrity process they should contact Chandice Haste-Jackson, Associate Dean for Student Services.

Syracuse University Community Standards

Every community has rules and policies that foster safety, security and wellness and it is the goal of the Community Standards to accomplish this while promoting learning, awareness, accountability, and service to others. The student conduct process at Syracuse University is designed to provide a fair and engaging process for the resolution of alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct. It is the hope that students who participate in the student conduct process learn about their own decision-making, how their decisions impact both themselves as well as the broader Syracuse University community and that they use the conduct process as a stepping stone for their own engagement as community members. Community Standards wishes each Syracuse University student a positive experience and encourage all University members to support and guide our students as they begin to learn more about themselves and their role in a community. Visit Community Standards Website for more information.

Falk College Grievance Committee Policies and Procedures

The faculty, staff, and students of the Falk College recognize that academic integrity, honesty and respect for others are fundamental expectations in all academic and public communities. All Falk College faculty, administrators, staff and students are expected to contribute to creating an environment that is directed toward those characteristics. For more information refer to the Falk College Grievance Policies and Procedures Manual. Also readSyracuse University’s Academic Rules for more information.

Syracuse University Student Handbook

The Student Handbook will guide you in learning Syracuse University’s codes of Academic Integrity and Student Conduct, locating SU’s policies, understanding your rights and responsibilities, and accessing campus resources. It’s critical right from the start of your college experience to become familiar with this information in order to be able to take advantage of all that Syracuse has to offer. View the Syracuse University Student Handbook.

Academic Rules, Student Responsibilities & Services

Syracuse University policies are intended to support a safe, respectful, and ethical living, learning and work environment in compliance with the University’s mission and values and applicable state, local, and federal law. All Syracuse University faculty, staff and students are expected to be familiar with and abide by the University’s policies; and should be aware that there may be consequences associated with violation of policy. Visit Syracuse University Policies Website for more information.

The Syracuse University Course Catalog contains the complete and official version of the Academic Rules governing undergraduate and graduate students. View Syracuse University Academic Rules for undergraduate and graduate students in the Course Catalog.