Public Health Faculty Research Highlights

Public Health faculty engage in a variety of scholarly activities, including academic research, frequently in collaboration with students. The projects described below are in varying stages; Students interested in getting involved with academic research with Public Health faculty should contact the sponsoring faculty member directly to discuss research opportunities.

Dessa Bergen-Cico:

Dr. Bergen-Cico’s research examines:

  • The impact of violence, conflict and trauma on substance use and addictions
  • The use of mindfulness and complimentary health strategies for addiction prevention and recovery
  • Neural mechanisms of mindfulness practice among mothers, school-aged children and people affected by conflict and violence

Keywords: Stress and Disease, Addictions, Global Health, Community-Campus Partnerships for Health

Luvenia Cowart:

Dr. Cowart’s research examines:

  • Minority Health and Health Disparities Prevention
  • Health Promotion through demonstration projects in non-traditional community-based settings (e.g., churches, barbershops and housing facilities).
  • Culturally Competent Health Care, Health Literacy

Keywords: Health Disparities Prevention, Culturally Competent Health Care, Health Literacy

Brooks Gump:

Dr. Gump’s research examines:

  • Environmental toxicants (e.g., lead) and cardiovascular disease risk
  • Discrimination and health
  • Vacationing behavior and health

Keywords: Environmental Health, Stress and Disease, Health Disparities

Bryce Hruska:

Dr. Hruska’s research examines:

  • Occupational stress and mental health
  • Traumatic stress/PTSD and associated risk and protective factors
  • Recovery experiences/activities and their relationship to physical and mental health
  • Intensive longitudinal methods

Keywords: Trauma, Occupation and Health, Health Data Analytics

Brittany Kmush:

Dr. Kmush’s research examines:

  • Maternal and child health
  • Infectious diseases in low-income settings, currently focusing on Hepatitis E Virus
  • Playing style and brain injuries in professional athletes

Keywords: Global Health, Infectious Diseases, Sport and Health

Sandra Lane:

Dr Lane’s research examines health disparities in vulnerable populations in the following areas:

  • Neighborhood violence and trauma
  • Maternal, child and family disparities, especially during pregnancy
  • Lead poisoning policy and prevention

Keywords: Community Health, Health Disparities, Maternal and Child Health

David Larsen:

Dr. Larsen’s research examines:

  • The epidemiology and control of mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, and zika
  • Sanitation and its impact on health
  • Spatial epidemiology

Keywords: Infectious Diseases, Health Data Analytics, Global Health

Katherine McDonald:

Dr. McDonald’s research examines:

  • The responsible inclusion of adults with intellectual disability in health research
  • Community-engaged research to address disparities in health and its social determinants among people with disabilities

Keywords: Community-Campus Partnerships for Health, Health Disparities, Responsible Conduct of Research

Lutchmie Narine:

Dr. Narine’s research examines:

  • Social determinants of health in a global context
  • Social and health determinants of domestic violence
  • Methodology, evaluation, and pedagogy
  • Healthcare management and policy
  • Cost-effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs
  • Health and housing disparities.

Keywords: Global Health, Health Policy

Bhavneet Walia:

Dr. Walia’s research uses secondary datasets and health econometric models to examine:

  • Early child health interventions and cognitive development
  • Mortality and behavioral effects of chronic traumatic encephalopathy and related neurodegenerative diseases
  • Health industry economics; industrial organization of health care industry and subsequent health outcomes

Keywords: Health Data Analytics, Immigrant Health, Sport and Health